Swimmers from 100+ countries swam a workout with us in our 1st annual #WorldSwimDay Challenge on October 27, 2018! Thank you to everyone who joined us, you all did an amazing job!



“Happy #WorldSwimDay! 💦Ideal October conditions for a 5K training sesh. Take a dip and join swimmers from around the world in this international campaign to empower others to be more active through swimming. #WaterIsOurWorld”


“#WorldSwimDay#TheOlympian🏅#5000m #200laps @myswimpro”


#openwaterswimming on #worldswimday with my trustee @swimjunkieph #LISDoThis #IAm#IAmLimitless @myswimpro”


“We rocked 3550 yards for #worldswimday. It’s so good to push so hard with #swimbuddies mainset: 400 build on 5:30 going 4:42, 4×100 fast stroke 1:20 breast for me, 300 pull, 2×150 build staying under 1:45, 200 kick, 4×50 fast :38-39 breast for me, 100 all out 1:04 free then 8×75 Odd IM even free! 💪🏻”


“Today I’m officially an intermediate swimmer lol. Completed my first ever 3000M workout: Poseidon’s Challenge. #WorldSwimDay @myswimpro”


“Swimming with my pops. Glad I could keep up!! #worldswimday#hesstillfastat69 @myswimpro”

Adam D.:
“#WorldSwimDay #SwimSmarter”


“I L💚VE being chlorinated. Especially on #worldswimday And @MySwimPro makes it so easy and fun!!”

Ahmed Kabbaj was live:


“Partner in crime🙈 #WorldSwimDay#PoseidonsChallenge #sisters @myswimpro”


“Celebrating World Swim Day with a nice steady swim. I have much to be thankful for on taking up the sport: ⁣

• As a child, didn’t start off well with it as I was really terrified of the water and had to be dragged to my first swim class, kicking and screaming with fear. Little did I know that it would eventually be one of the things I truly loved to do, and a skill I had the passion for in teaching others. ⁣

• As a young adult I developed a lot of bad habits and veered away from a healthy and active lifestyle, to say the least. It was through swimming again that I gradually got back to that path.⁣

• It was through swim coaching that I found multisport—had I not coached triathletes to help them become better swimmers, I would never have started to swim, bike and run myself! ⁣

#swimming #worldswimday #sport #fitness #motivational

Debby W.:
“I swam, did you? #MySwimPro #WorldSwimDay”


“Happy World Swim Day! #worldswimday”


“Happy world swim day. #swim #happy #enjoythewater #dancinginthepool #worldswimday  #cdmx”



“With Swim Bodies spelling out “World Swim,” I’m pretty sure our club will win the #worldswimday prize 🙌🏼🤣 .
Who swam their mile?🙋🏼‍♀️”

Tarik L.:
“A 2000m to celebrate the World Swim Day and to end beautifully a week of 8350m. Happy Swim Day to everyone!

“We did it! The 5km Olympian challenge programme (some of us did the Blue mile and the 3km Poseidon challenge), with adjustments to intervals and the kick sets do not show up with Suunto (still working out how to use it effectively). It was really a fun work out. University Malaya pool , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
We were so hungry afterwards. Haha #swim2eat #eat2swim
Well done everyone for trying these challenges!!”


“I wouldn’t have known about #worldswimday if it wasn’t for @myswimpro. Completed the Blue Mile. Feels good to get back in the pool after a long hiatus. I’m hoping that with the help of @myswimpro training plans, I’ll be able to get back in shape and continue this weight loss journey. Looking forward to what’s to come. 🙂”

“Happy world swim day @myswimpro i did the workout shown but modified it for a hurt shoulder. Kicked some and used fins to relieve some pressure on my shoulder. Good set and happy to participate. It was a beautiful day in Houston Texas! #worldswimday #worldswimday2018″



“What a fun morning celebrating #worldswimday we’re all smiles before and after tackling The Olympian 5,000 yards completed.”

Atunya K.:
“We swam the 1-mile Friday💪🏻🏊🏻‍♀️🧜🏻‍♀️🌊#worldswimday”


Thank you again to our amazing sponsors:



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  3. augustine & kara gonzales on

    Though this is a much less story you would like to share no that my wife and I are happy to know this is a holiday for it will bring more awareness. 1yr ago our bby boy drowned he was 1yr and 1 month he was at a relative house visiting were we were not present and crawling through the doggy door and the ungated pool went in and the gates of heaven opened for our son . But even to though who say never happen to us. Believe the same thinking got us to where we are. So we do not protest any swimming but condone it to the highest safety measures possible .

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