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In April we welcomed the newest team member to our team, Cenk Arıöz, our Backend Developer. You can watch and read about our last month in the March 2019 Update here. This update is a brief glimpse into what we’ve been up to in April 2019. We launched our subscription business in April 2016 – we’re excited to celebrate our 3-year anniversary generating revenue! 📈


We’re excited to welcome Cenk Arıöz to the team as our Backend Developer. Here’s a quick note from Cenk:

Hey hey hey! This is Cenk from Istanbul! New member of the community and awesome team at MySwimPro as Backend Developer! I am an engineer, who later turned to business and then back. I have traveled almost all Europe, spending few years there. Also spent a year in California Bay Area. I am truly interested in and curious about EVERYTHING (just too many). I also love sailing competitively and I speak 5 languages. I have done several kinds of sports but swimming is the one that really sticked. I had to pause for the first years of university and few years afterwards but I always went back. And at my last return, I got hooked thanks to MySwimPro. It is great to feel the same energy around the globe and be part of this community! See you around!

MyTriPro App Public Launch

Every year, millions of triathletes compete in a multitude of triathlons held around the world. The Ironman triathlon in Kona, Hawaii, may be triathlon’s most recognizable event, but the olympic distance is the sport’s most popular. The 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike and 10 km run is triathlon’s international standard and the format used at the ITU Triathlon World Championship, Pan American games and olympic games.

We believe there is a large opportunity to help people reach their triathlon training goals and deliver a personalized coaching experience for athlete’s who may not have access to or afford a 1:1 triathlon coach. This is why we launched MyTriPro. Since launching MySwimPro, we’ve had the opportunity to help hundreds of thousands of swimmers and triathletes swim smarter than ever before. We’ve conducted deep research on the triathlon industry and developed an algorithm that dynamically creates a personalized training plan for any distance triathlon.

U.S. Masters Swimming Nationals

Team MySwimPro recently competed at the U.S. Masters Swimming Short Course National Championships at the incredible Kino Aquatic Center in Mesa, Arizona. It was an incredible week filled with fast swimming, getting to know our community members, and a ton of fun. Check out our recap video below:

We also hosted our very own MySwimPro Social on Saturday, April 27, which was an awesome way to connect with the MySwimPro community and have some fun and relaxation during the meet. You can read more about it here.

Open Public Offering

On April 3, 2019, we closed our second Open Public Offering raising over $465k from 200+ investors. MySwimPro now has 300 investors in 36 countries! This is a huge strategic advantage. Thank you so much for the support!!

Garmin Developer Summit

Adam and Mike attended the Garmin Global Developer Summit in Kansas! Mike is attending Google I/O next week in Mountain View, California. Let us know if you want to meetup!

If you’re looking to learn more about MySwimPro, join the team, or help us grow, feel free to shoot me an email directly at!


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