Every year over 150 swimmers from over 20 states and multiple countries travel to Key West, Florida to compete in the Annual Swim Around Key West! The race begins early on Smathers Beach. Participants in the 12.5-mile endurance event will swim the circumference of the island individually or in teams of two or three.

Each solo swimmer must be accompanied by a kayak or support boat that will provide protection from motorized water crafts and carry food and drinks for the swimmer. The swimmer may not touch or hold onto the kayak at any time or stand up or touch the ocean bottom. No fins, snorkels, wet suits, body suits or devices that give extra buoyancy, propulsion or skin protection are allowed. The majority of solo swimmers will complete the distance in five to six hours, but participants have as long as eight hours before the course closes.

MySwimPro Ambassador Craig Frederiksen will be taking on the Key West swim challenge and to prepare he’s been putting in the work! Craig brings a level of dedication and intensity to his training that rivals most collegiate and professional swimmers. It’s a pleasure following him in the MySwimPro app because every time he completes a workout it’s a joy to see the work he puts in. Sometimes it makes me question my own work ethic when I see him consistently crank out 10,000 yard workouts.

Yup, you read that, correctly!! Craig Frederiksen’s preparation to the swim around Key West involved swimming 10k workouts almost every single day. It takes an incredible amount of mental tenacity and internal drive to subject oneself to such physically demanding workouts. But for Craig, a former collegiate swimmer and active U.S. Masters Swimmer, he loves it. Checkout his “taper” workout below. The Main Set is 10 x 50s followed by a 100 recovery. Six rounds. One round is not enough, six rounds puts the main set at 3,600 yards.

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There’s no question Craig Frederiksen is a beast! Some may call it masochistic, others will think it’s too much, but there’s something to admire about doing 40,000+ meters in a week in addition to a job and family! Checkout this 10,000 workout below. The Main Set calls for four broken Miles (by 50s). That’s a lot of 50s…

Craig writes these workouts on his iPhone and syncs them to his Apple Watch where it’s as if he has a personal coach on his wrist guiding him through the workout. The MySwimPro app allows you to see your heart rate in real-time and after the workout, you can monitor all the workout stats including heart rate by segment, lap splits, stroke count, and SWOLF score. It’s an incredible feeling to have a personal coaching experience on your wrist.

If you’d like to follow Craig on the app or follow one of our training plans, download the MySwimPro app and start your free 30-day trial of ELITE! Use: CRAIG20 to get 20% OFF. Most of the MySwimPro training plans are much shorter than these 10k workouts, but give you an idea of what’s possible with the MySwimPro app. For more workouts like this checkout the app!



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