Every month we feature outstanding people and organizations who are making a difference in the sport of swimming and triathlon, both in and out of the water. Whether they’re pushing for social change, creating opportunities for swimmers, or building cool products, we want to show our support and share their story. Consider this your guide to the some of the coolest athletes, brands and organizations in the swimming and triathlon world.
This month, we’re featuring our friends at THEMAGIC5 – check out our CEO & Co-Founder Fares Ksebati in their custom-made goggles:

What Is TheMagic5?

THEMAGIC5 is a sports technology company that has created the world’s first custom-fit swimming goggles.
Their team has developed technologies that make it simple and easy to get custom-fit goggles delivered directly to your doorstep. You can buy your goggles on their website, then scan your face in the app and based on that scan, they know how to produce your goggles so they will fit you perfectly.

What Is Their Story?

The company was founded in 2017 by three passionate swimmers and triathletes, Bo Haaber, Rasmus Barfred and Niklas Hedegaard.

“We were athletes ourselves and really wanted this product. We were so tired of wasting money on different goggles trying to find a pair that did not leak water and was just remotely comfortable to wear. As we realized such a product did not exist, we decided to make it. We are a blend of a pro swimmer, a triathlete and an engineer and together we developed the technology we needed to reinvent the swimming goggle from a standardized one-size-fits-all product to a 1-to-1 custom-fit product that is uniquely produced for every customer.”
Check out our exclusive interview with Rasmus Barfred in Times Square, New York City!

How Are They Making a Difference?

The goggles are genuinely more comfortable and don’t leak water. They are bespoke and custom-produced to fit the exact curvature of your eye socket, this way they create a natural seal without having to be tightened to the same extent as normal standardized goggles.
Say goodbye to those bright red circles around your eyes after a swim workout. These goggles are actually comfortable to wear for hours on end. That is game-changing!

What Inspires Them?

“We are inspired and driven by progress. We want to change the perception of products, don’t settle for standardized and mass-produced products with a low utility, instead we want to create a shift where the product is made for you, gives you greater joy and will help you to focus on what matters – becoming a better swimmer and enjoying your swim.”

How To Support Them:

Visit their website to order your pair of goggles custom-made for your face!
Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on new products, news and promos!

Thank you for learning more about TheMagic5! We are proud to support this brand and watch their success grow in the years to come! Want to recommend an incredible person, organization or company making a difference in swimming? Send us an email to paige@myswimpro.com
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  1. Thank you for this new level of thoughtfulness. I have a strangely built face and goggle fit has NEVER been good. I have damage on the bridge of my nose due to the constant pressure there from some of the best that the leading brands provide. I look forward to trying this new idea of yours.

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