Our global team is excited to share the latest updates at MySwimPro, Inc. We now have team members in four countries across eight time zones and we’re super pumped about the incredible impact we’re having around the world. You can read last month’s update here. This update is a brief glimpse into what we’ve been up to in May 2019:

We’re building a global company to serve an international community. This update is presented in six languages across eight time zones. There are English subtitles for the duration of the video and the languages presented are: Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, English, French, Russian.


We’re excited to welcome Lorenza Padilla Camarena to the team as our Digital Media Producer. Here’s a quick note from Lorenza:

I’m so excited to be a part of the MySwimPro team working from Guadalajara, México. I love sports, especially mountain biking, kiteboarding and swimming. I used to swim a lot when I was a child, and then started again 6 years ago. I specialize in media production. I love films and animation and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing for MySwimPro. It’s great to be part of this big global community and excited to be a part of MySwimPro’s growth! Have a great swim! 😀

MyTriPro App Updates

We believe there is a large opportunity to help people reach their triathlon training goals and deliver a personalized coaching experience for athlete’s who may not have access to or afford a 1:1 triathlon coach. This is why we launched MyTriPro. Since launching MySwimPro, we’ve had the opportunity to help hundreds of thousands of swimmers and triathletes swim smarter than ever before.

The MyTriPro algorithm dynamically creates a personalized training plan for any distance triathlon at a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal coach.

MyTriPro: How It Works

  1. Download MyTriProFree for iPhone
  2. Enter Race & Training Information – select the date of your target ‘A’ race and how many hours per week you can allocate to training.
  3. Personalize Plan – Adjust the daily program to meet your weekly schedule.
  4. Follow Calendar – The best feature of MyTriPro is the ability to manually drag and drop workouts from the generated plan in addition to adding your own swim, bike, run, or strength workouts.

Workouts completed by any third party fitness app or the native Apple Activity app will sync with MyTriPro and be marked as completed on your calendar.

Personal Coaching Algorithm Update

The newest update to our Personal Swim Coaching algorithm is pretty amazing.
If you’re swimming a structured workout with a compatible smartwatch (Apple Watch, Garmin, or Fitbit), the MySwimPro app will analyze your performance during the workout, then afterwards make smart recommendations to your dynamic interval times so your training plan and next workout are more personalized to you.

This is the next-level of personal coaching.

We all have different skills, goals and training abilities, so it’s super important to make sure your swim workouts are personalized to your speed to help you meet your goals.

How The Coaching Algorithm Works

After completing a workout in the MySwimPro app, you’ll see a pop-up appear that recommends interval times that are more personalized to your performance. Read more about this new feature here.

Fitbit App Updates: Analytics & Coaching

The MySwimPro App on your Fitbit smartwatch is now better than ever! The latest update allows you to sync workouts and training plans right from your iPhone or Android smartwatch but now with enhanced functionality and analytics. The MySwimPro App is compatible with the Fitbit Versa, Versa Lite and Ionic. Checkout all the new features below!

  • Distance, Split, Stroke Detection – this allows splits to be recorded from a workout.
  • Haptic Feedback – this will pulse the watch on the countdown to when to push off.
  • Workout Navigation – allows you to go back and forth through workout sets.
  • Network Connectivity – you can pull the last viewed workout without needing an internet connection.

Mike at Google I/O in Mountain View, CA

Mike attended his first Google I/O this year learning about all the new features coming to Android, and networked with others in the tech industry. We’re excited to implement some of these new features, including exercise app actions (ie. “Hey Google, start a MySwimPro workout”), new Material Design UI, in-app software update prompts and more.

Incredible Content From Our Community

Checkout this post from MySwimPro community member Alexander Konetzki (@alexanderkonetzki) sharing how the MySwimPro app has helped him train for Masters Swimming competitions for the last 3 years!

On this episode of the #AskASwimPro show, Ambassador Karen Mackenzie shares how she lost 110 pounds and changed her life forever with the MySwimPro app!
“In the full month of January 2018 I swam 8,000 yards… and now 1.5 years later, I just swam 6,000 yards this morning before work.”

Read Jackie Frith’s swimming journey through pregnancy! Jackie is socially known as @swimqueenyxe from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. She feels powerful, confident, happy, strong and connected in the water.

If you’re looking to learn more about MySwimPro, join the team, or help us grow, feel free to shoot me an email directly at fares@myswimpro.com!

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