MySwimPro is making it easy to restart your fitness journey! Get in the best shape of your life this summer and join the #MySwimProChallenge.

On July 1, 2019, we are kicking off our biggest 9-Week Challenge. Choose from over 10+ swim training plans in the MySwimPro app & finish all the workouts before September 1, 2019! Enter to win cool prizes by sharing pics of your journey using the hashtag #MySwimProChallenge.

What Is The #MySwimProChallenge?

The Summer #MySwimProChallenge is a 9-week challenge that runs July 1, 2019 – September 1, 2019.
This is your chance to restart your goals, focus on your health, and become a stronger swimmer with our structured and easy-to-follow swim training plans.
Your digital coach in MySwimPro will guide you week-by-week through your swim workouts to make this your best summer ever. Whether you hit the pool, or the open water, you’ll get the support you need from the biggest swimming community in the world!
Just download the MySwimPro app, and subscribe to ELITE to get full access to our NEW training plans, NEW features, and NEW badges – also now available in French!

How To Join:

  1. Download the MySwimPro app
  2. Choose a Training Plan, or set your current plan back to week 1, and set a goal to finish all the workouts before September 1, 2019
  3. Share your progress on social media using the hashtag #MySwimProChallenge and you could be entered to win amazing prizes every week!

Note: You can join the Summer Challenge no matter where you are in your fitness journey, all are welcome! Remember to take a “before” photo this week, so you can compare your transformation in September!
Join our Private Facebook Group to share tips and tricks with swimmers around the world.

What To Expect:

1 – Easy-to-follow workouts
You can participate in the #MySwimProChallenge by committing to a training plan in the MySwimPro app, and challenging yourself to complete all the workouts before September 1, 2019.
All your workouts will be planned out (including rest days!) and personalized to your unique speed, goals and ability.
2 – New training plans + features:
Get unlimited access to a full library of swim workouts, technique videos, drill ideas, and tracking tools to help you swim smarter. Available on iPhone, Android and compatible smart watches.
Try our new Training Plans focused on kicking technique and long distance swimming – now all available in French!
Get familiar with the app by reviewing our guides on our Support Page.
3 – New ways to share and connect:
Accountability is a crucial part in working towards your goals. Follow friends in the MySwimPro app, earn new Achievement Trophies, and join our Private Facebook Group to share tips and tricks with swimmers around the world.
4 – Win prizes:
Enter to win a new prize each week of the summer by posting your progress photos or videos on social media, tag @myswimpro and use the hashtag #MySwimProChallenge!

Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Make the commitment and set a goal to finish your Summer Training Plan before September 1st. We’re in this together!
Ready to begin? Download the MySwimPro app, upgrade to ELITE to choose your training plan, and get your swim in today to get a head-start on your summer goals!



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