On this episode of the #AskASwimPro Show, we’re chatting with MySwimPro Ambassador, Sarah Bofinger. Hear her journey of overcoming some of life’s hardest moments through swimming.

Meet Sarah: 

Sarah is an expert in transformation. After overcoming seven hip surgeries, alcohol, drugs, weight loss and depression, swimming is the one place she’s always felt at home.

She always dreamed of being an Olympic Swimmer. As a kid she didn’t always believe in herself, creating doubt and unworthiness that lead her down a destructive path.

In the past 9 years, she has gotten in the best shape of her life and even healed herself from arthritis. She recently made the U.S. Paralympic National Team and currently has a goal to train full time and qualify for the 2020 Olympics. She is a Gold Medalist in positivity and inspiration!

This goal has motivated her to not only achieve her best self, but to inspire others along the way. She is having fun with her path and excited to see what else she will create in the process. Having a positive mindset has lead her to become a coach with Wellstart Health. Helping people transform to healthier versions of themselves is her one true passion.

She is excited that the MySwimPro app has already helped her achieve success in just 6 months. She swims with a team, but with her big goals she knew she should do more. She’s now even more motivated to get to her own workout with the app. She loves learning new training plans, watching the videos, and keeping a log of all her workouts. It’s organized her training so much by having tools to go to on her own.

You can learn more about Sarah on her blog or Instagram.

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