Our global team is excited to share the latest updates at MySwimPro, Inc. We have team members in four countries across eight time zones and we’re super pumped about the incredible impact we’re having around the world. You can read last month’s update here. This update is a brief glimpse into what we’ve been up to in June 2019:

Achievement Unlocked! New Badges!

iPhone and Android apps now feature new achievements to help keep swimmers on track in achieving goals. There are hundreds of achievements to unlock and each has a unique badge. All the badges you’ve unlocked are shown on your profile, and you can see which ones you’re working towards completing. Read more here.

Achievements are awesome because they help keep you motivated and accountable to your swim workouts. They anchor our performance expectations to a higher standard and increase our self efficacy. Completing goals leads to satisfaction. You feel a sense of commitment and community. You can share these badges and feel a sense of connectedness to our global community of swimmers!

MySwimPro Available in French

We are proud to announce that the MySwimPro app is now available en française! We are so excited to introduce this amazing experience in the app, and look forward to growing our communities in french-speaking countries. Read more here.

Showcasing THE MAGIC5 Goggles

THEMAGIC5 is a sports technology company that has created the world’s first custom-fit swimming goggles. You scan your face in the app and based on that scan, they know how to produce your goggles so they will fit you perfectly. We’ve partnered with THEMAGIC5 with an affiliate relationship. Read more here.

Their team has developed technologies that make it simple and easy to get custom-fit goggles delivered directly to your doorstep. You can buy your goggles on their website, then scan your face in the app and based on that scan, they know how to produce your goggles so they will fit you perfectly.


MySwimPro was the ‘App of the Day’ in Russia on June 4, 2019. 🇷🇺 MySwimPro – Приложение дня в России. MySwimPro помогает пловцам во всем мире.

Featured App (Ukraine)

MySwimPro was the featured App in Ukraine on June 20, 2019! 🇺🇦 MySwimPro, Inc. є популярним додатком в Україні, який містить в собі персональні тренування, навчальні плани та відео. Все це допоможе вам покращити ваші результати і плавати швидше! 🌍

Best App For Beach or Pool (USA)

MySwimPro was featured on the home page of the iPhone App Store in the United States as the #1 ‘App For the Beach or Pool’ 😎

Adam at WWDC in San Jose, California

Adam went to WWDC, Apple’s annual developer conference in San Jose, California to learn about updates coming this fall to iOS 13 and watchOS 6. We’re excited to implement changes to make MySwimPro and MyTriPro even better on iPhone and more independent on Apple Watch!

Community Feedback

“This app has changed everything about my swimming. My endurance has improved and my form is getting better in the process. It is amazing!”Nicole
“Many thanks to you and the MSP team for making such an amazing app and training tool! I have learned a tremendous amount in the short time that I have been using the app (and now as a new subscriber) and I look forward to receiving new posts each week.”Arlene
“Thank you so much for reviewing my comments. I hope it’s obvious by now that I overall love this app. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made in years.”Cole
“The commitment of MySwimPro team to everyone in age and level & it’s extended philosophy of wellness through technical progress in training and acquisition of speed. In one word. Results. Thank you guys!”Pierre

If you’re looking to learn more about MySwimPro, join the team, or help us grow, feel free to shoot me an email directly at fares@myswimpro.com!



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