April was another stellar month for MySwimPro, and we aren’t slowing down! Here’s a look at what our talented team got up to this month…and what’s to come in May!

New Test Sets

We’re getting ready to roll out our third Test Set: Endurance Challenge II. This Test Set expands on the Endurance Challenge I, with a more challenging threshold pace set designed to push members’ endurance to the limit. Keep an eye out for it in the app soon!

Communication Improvements

Our Product team is hard at work on an improved messaging flow for the first 30 days of a member’s journey in the MySwimPro app. Our goal is to improve app education and encourage new members to log guided workouts to fully utilize MySwimPro’s personalized features. Members will receive emails, push notifications and in-app messages based on their behavior.

Focus on Quality

In April, we focused on smashing defects and improving the overall app experience. No defect was too small! The team put in the work to find and fix bugs, creating a more seamless workout experience for our members.

Gold Medal Moments

This month, our members achieved incredible things in the pool! Check out these highlights:

At age 72, Billie won silver in the 50-meter freestyle at a recent competition. He lives in Scotland and has been training with MySwimPro for one year.

Vamsi has lost weight and is in the best shape of his life thanks to MySwimPro workouts and healthy diet changes.

Pangur shared her newest best time in the 100 freestyle on Instagram…she dropped a whopping 14 seconds! We’re so grateful to be part of her swimming journey.

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