There are so many wonderful benefits to swimming. Between the physical, mental, emotional and social benefits, we truly believe it is the best sport out there.
To get you ready for your next swim, we asked 10 of our Ambassadors to share what they truly love about swimming. Read what they have to say, then leave a comment telling us how the water has changed your life for the better!

1 – Peacefulness

“I get this peaceful feeling in the water. It’s a wonderful workout that helps with fitness, without being overly hard on the body. I love my relationships with other swimmers, and the ability to swim faster as I train more/better.”

Brian Young, Masters swimmer and triathlete, Michigan USA.

2 – Helps me focus

“My life is focused around the swimming, it is the best part of my day and I enjoy crafting my priorities and community around something that I enjoy and is healthy for me.”

Marcello Carrapito, Masters swimmer, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

3 – Gives me confidence

“Swimming makes me feel good! My health has transformed now that I swim everyday. Also, it’s a great excuse to be outside and get a great exercise in.” 

Karen Mackenzie, fitness swimmer, Tempe, Arizona

4 – It’s a lifelong sport

“Because I can train every muscle in different ways, in every phase of my life. I love that age doesn’t matter in swimming, everybody can be a swimmer, if they want to be.” 

Marcus Lüpke, fitness swimmer, Berlin, Germany

5 – Dedicated “me” time

“Swimming is my passion. It makes me so happy, and my stress floats away when I’m in the water. It is time dedicated to me.” 

Florencia Pizarro, Masters swimmer, Las Palmas, Gran Canari

6 – Sense of freedom in open water

“Being in the open water gives me a strong sense of freedom, yet challenges me to my core.” 

Paul Feltoe, Ultra-marathon swimmer, New Plymouth, New Zealand

7 – Helps my mental health

“My swim workouts are dedicated times to reflect and focus on my mental health.” 

Robert Flood, Open water swimmer, Preston, United kingdom

8 – The adrenaline rush of competitions

“I loved swimming competitively as a child and through college. After college, I took a lengthy hiatus, or “retirement” then returned to swimming as a result of a diagnosis of degenerative spinal condition. I got brave enough to try a meet and then I was bit by the competition bug again. The feeling behind the blocks before a race, the combination of total confidence, full adrenaline and paralyzing fear is like a drug. Nothing compares to it.”

Michael McNelis, Masters swimmer, Rochester, New York, USA

9 – Technique-focused

“It’s such a complete sport. I’ve never really been great at other sports, but when I realized that swimming is all about passion and technique, I discovered those are two things I definitely have.”

Mina Chrys, Open water swimmer, Tampico, Mexico

10 – All-encompassing activity

“I wouldn’t say that I love to swim. I swim because it provides a lot of benefits. First, it benefits my health – I get both aerobic and anaerobic fitness and a total body workout. It is my primary means of preventing obesity, diabetes and a host of other illnesses. Swimming also provides me with a purpose and opportunities to travel. Finally, swimming gives me a healthy outlet for competition, recognition and reward, and status. For me, swimming is an effective and efficient activity across several areas of required human activity and experience.”

Siphiwe Baleka, Masters swimmer, Springfield, Missouri, USA
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  1. All the comments of ten swimmers are really handy , and I have almost similar feeling with them , honestly swimming it’s my passion !

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