This post is guest-written by MySwimPro Ambassador Robert Flood.

In just a few weeks, I will be completing an 11-mile swim in the Windermere Lake to raise awareness and funds for men’s mental health issues. My goal is raise £1000 for the Movember Foundation. You can learn more on my fundraising page.

Today, 60% of suicides are men, and on average, we lose a man to suicide every minute of every day. The Movember Founding is working to reduce the rates of male suicide by 25% by the year 2030.

This cause is especially important to me, because I have personally had difficulties in the past with mental health, and still continue to have some tough days and weeks. I am fortunate to have great family and friends around me to discuss my issues with. There are still so many men who find it difficult to speak about their mental health struggles, which I believe should never be the case. I am passionate about ending this stigma.

Last September, I had a freak accident where I fractured my heel, which was devastating for me and my family. The thought of not being able to walk or swim for four months was really tough for our active family. Luckily, I had the support of my friends, family, and work colleagues to get me through the hard recovery months. You can read more about how I recovered from my injury here.

During those days on the sofa was when I realized I needed some focus. So I decided that one year after my accident, I was going to take on my biggest challenge of my life – The Windermere Swim.

As soon as I was cleared by my doctor to exercise, I was back in the pool training and trying to get back in shape. It hasn’t been easy, as I frequently experience knee issues, and a recently trapped C6 nerve in my neck causing me lots of shoulder and neck pain. It’s been a rocky road but I owe it all to those who have supported me over the last year and beyond to get this done.

With the help of MySwimPro, I have been able to structure my recovery with my personal training plan and improve my performance by analyzing my data in the app. My swim training with MySwimPro really has put me in a great position to conquer this goal of mine.

This is my twelfth year supporting the Movember cause, and I am excited to work with them this Fall on projects that can help reduce the rates of male suicide. Please support my upcoming swim by visiting my Mo-Space page and donating to sponsor my swim.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Sincerely,

Robert Flood

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