World Swim Day is an international holiday that empowers people around the world to be more active through swimming. It is hosted by MySwimPro on the fourth Saturday of every October.

Update on 2019 Event: Swimmers from over 100 countries swam together in the largest virtual swim workout in history! Thank you very much for joining us! Check out the highlight blog, view full Facebook Album or follow the hashtag #WorldSwimDay to see more.

The holiday promotes living a healthy lifestyle through swimming and raises awareness for the importance of water safety.

World Swim Day events are independently organized around the world for swimmers of all ages. There are over 100 million fitness swimmers in the world, and yet there are over 4 billion people who do not know how to swim.

How To Participate

  1. Visit and register for FREE.
  2. Download the MySwimPro app on iPhone or Android
  3. On World Swim Day open the MySwimPro app and choose one of the six free World Swim Day workouts.
  4. Get in and swim the World Swim Day workout!
  5. Share a photo or video on social media with the hashtag #WorldSwimDay to be entered to win prizes!

To be eligible for prizes your profile must be set to public when using the hashtag #WorldSwimDay. See World Swim Day stories from 2018 that took place around the world here.

2019 World Swim Day Workouts

Whether you’re a new swimmer or elite competitor you can participate in the #WorldSwimDay virtual swim! Workouts range from 100 meters to 10,000 meters. Choose a workout that best fits your fitness level and motivation! You can read more about each workout below.

  1.  Just Get Wet 💧 – 100-200 Meters
  2.  The Jellyfish Float 🎐– 500 Meters
  3. The Tropical Mile 🌴– 1,600 Meters
  4.  The Sizzler 🔥– 3,000 Meters
  5. Humpback 5k Challenge 🐋– 5,000 Meters
  6. 10k Shark Test Set 🦈– 10,000 Meters

All workouts can be personalized in the MySwimPro app. Be sure to share your workout using the hashtag #WorldSwimDay on social media to be entered to win awesome prizes from sponsors.

How To Support World Swim Day

Supporting World Swim Day means you share our passion for the water. You believe in humanity’s equal right to learn how to swim and wish to empower people around the world to be active in the water.

In 2018 World Swim Day supported Learn To Swim initiatives including financial contributions to Detroit Swims, the USA Swimming Foundation, and the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.

Benefits of Supporting World Swim Day

  • Help World Swim Day become a United Nations’ declared day of awareness.
  • Produce and distribute free swimming content online.
  • Highlight inspiring swimming stories around the world.
  • Educate children and adults about the importance of water safety.
  • Inspire the world to lead happier and healthier lives.

About World Swim Day

World Swim Day was initially conceived within MySwimPro, Inc. to increase participation in swimming and promote water safety inclusive of geography, language, and skills. In the first year, World Swim Day saw participation from swimmers in over 100 countries and funds were raised for three learn-to swim non-profit organizations. The international event is more than a virtual swim, but also serves as an opportunity to connect a global community that shares a mutual passion for the water.

World Swim Day is supported by MySwimPro, the largest digital community of swimmers in the world. The international event is also supported by globally-minded companies with shared values that include empowering a healthy lifestyle through swimming and promoting water safety. We hope World Swim Day continues to inspire and empower people around the world to be active in the water.

If you would like to support World Swim Day, and grow the sport of swimming please email



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