Our international team is excited to share the latest updates at MySwimPro, Inc. We have team members working across time globe and we’re super excited about the incredible impact we’re having on helping swimmers everywhere. You can read last month’s update here. This update is a brief glimpse into what we’ve been up to in August 2019:

Newest Team Member

  • Meet Heath McKnight, our newest team member in West Palm Beach, Florida! Heath joins us as our Global Marketing Manager for MyTriPro and brings 16 years of experience as a writer and editor, focused on technology, marketing, fitness and education.
  • Fun Fact: Heath is currently training for Ironman Florida in November!
  • Watch my video interview with Heath below:

MySwimPro & MyTriPro Updates

  • MySwimPro: App is now available in Brazilian Portuguese. 🇧🇷This will expand our offering to hundreds of millions of swimmers! We are also continuing our work on Challenges, which will be a goal-setting focused experience that empowers progress towards fitness goals. Community members will also be able to see how they rank in the global community. 
  • MyTriPro: The MyTriPro Apple Watch app is under development. It’s our most requested update and it’s going to be awesome. Stay tuned…

World Swim Day 2019

  • We’re gearing up for World Swim Day on October 26, 2019!
  • World Swim Day is an international holiday that empowers people to be active in the water, promote water safety and drowning prevention.

MySwimPro Testimonials

  • “I had no motivation, no couch, no team, no structure at all. MySwimPro game me all I needed to swim alone without being really “alone”, keeps me motivated and more importantly healthy and happy again. This changes lives.” – Teresa
  • “MySwimPro is amazing and your regular emails supplement the App perfectly. Today’s is my absolute favorite for some reason. After February next year, when I will hopefully give birth to a healthy baby boy :), I’ll subscribe and join you all in increasing my speed and efficiency. For now I am deliberately trying to keep my heart rate down and go slow! I have honestly never enjoyed swimming so much! Take care Fares, the best of luck with your App and your business – you deserve it to excel – like your own swimming!! :)”  – Jess
  • “I swam this yesterday for the first I am 75 yrs young and was pleased with my outcome I am getting better, but could not do this drill every day I now need a day off in between to gather my strength.” – Aileen
  • “6 months in and 60 pounds gone thanks MySwimPro!” – Jesse

If you’re looking to learn more about MySwimPro, join the team, or help us grow, feel free to shoot me an email directly at fares@myswimpro.com!

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