Pump up your training this month and get stronger in the water!

The February Distance Challenge runs from February 1 – February 29, 2020. The goal is to swim at least 30,000 yards/meters before the end of the month! Can you do it? Join for free in the MySwimPro app!

How Do I Join?

To participate in MySwimPro’s 30k Distance Challenge, follow these steps:

  1. Download the free MySwimPro app on iPhone or Android
  2. Open the app and visit the Coach screen
  3. View the February Distance Challenge and tap Join
  4. Log swim workouts in the app between February 1-29 to participate in the leaderboard. Here’s how >

This challenge is the perfect opportunity to connect with swimmers around the world and reach our goals together!

Share your progress with our global community by tagging #MySwimPro in your photos, or join our Private Facebook Group.

There are hundreds of swim workouts and drills that you can try in the water to practice your freestyle stroke. Download the MySwimPro app for more tips and workout ideas!


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