Who loves burpees? This full-body exercise hits all the major muscle groups, helping you build strength and power to improve your performance in and out of the pool. 

This week, we’re challenging you to pick up the pace with your burpees!

The Challenge

3 Rounds, 10 Burpees @ 1:00

The Breakdown

Set a timer for 1 minute. Complete 10 burpees. The time left on the clock after you complete all 10 reps is your rest! Repeat 2 more times.


If you’re new to burpees, try reducing the number of reps per minute — do 5 instead of 10. If you aren’t comfortable jumping or doing push ups, take them out! You’ll still get a great workout.

If you’re advanced, try going for 5 or more rounds! 

Share your workout on social media using #MySwimProStrength for a chance to win prizes! Download the MySwimPro app to check out our dryland training plans!

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