A strong core is a building block for good swimming, especially when it comes to your body position in the water. Fire up your core with this week’s quick challenge workout!

The Challenge

Russian Twists dryland

2 Rounds – 40 seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest

  • Plank
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Russian Twists

The Breakdown

Start a timer, and hold a 40-second plank. Rest for 20 seconds, and complete 40 seconds of flutter kicks. Rest for 20 seconds, and complete 40 seconds of Russian twists. Repeat 2 more times!


If you need to take this challenge down a notch, you have a few options:

  • Reduce Work Interval: Try 20 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest!
  • Plank: Drop your knees to the ground, or place your hands on a table, bench or other elevated surface.
  • Flutter Kicks: Prop yourself up on your elbows.
  • Russian Twists: Rather than hovering your heels off the ground, keep your heels firmly on the ground.

If you’re advanced, try increasing the work interval to 60 seconds, or repeating the circuit for 4 or more rounds. 

How To: Plank

How To: Flutter Kicks

How To: Russian Twists

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    • Taylor Holmes on

      Yep! We’re posting short dryland challenges each week to help you stay active! Try this challenge once or a few times during the week!

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