Strengthen your legs to enhance your starts, turns and kick. This week’s dryland challenge is a lower body burner!

The Challenge

3 Rounds

  • 10 Hip Bridges
  • 30 second Wall Sit
  • 10 Lateral Lunges

The Breakdown

Complete 10 repetitions of hip bridges and rest 15-30 seconds. Then set a timer and hold a wall sit for 30 seconds. Rest 15-30 seconds, and complete 10 total lateral lunges (5 on each side). Rest 30-60 seconds, and repeat 2 more times!


If you need to take this challenge down a notch, you have a few options:

  • Reduce Reps or Work Interval: Try 6-8 reps of hip bridges or lateral lunges, and reduce the wall site to 15-20 seconds.
  • Wall Sit: If a wall sit is too intense for you body, try swapping it out with single leg hip bridges.
  • Lateral Lunges: Swap these for squats! To regress the squat and make it easier, place a chair behind you and squat down to the chair each rep.

If you’re advanced, try increasing reps to 20 for the hip bridges and lateral lunges, and increase the work interval for the wall sit to 60 seconds. You can also increase the number of rounds!

How To: Hip Bridges

How To: Wall Sit

How To: Lateral Lunges

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