May 2020 was one of the most significant months in the history of MySwimPro. We introduced a variety of new features and updates to improve our members’ training experience. Check it out!


We unveiled the latest update to the app: ELITE COACH. This is the most advanced and comprehensive version of the app to date. We re-built the app from the ground up, creating dedicated menu options for swimming and dryland, and adding new training plans, videos and a simplified user experience.

To better reflect this new offering, we updated our subscription model:

  • Swim Pack: Swim training and content only ($199.99/year)
  • Dryland Pack: Dryland training and content only ($199.99/year)
  • ELITE COACH: Swimming, dryland and quarterly 1-on-1 coaching calls ($179.99/year or $29.99/month)

We now offer a free, 30-day trial of the annual ELITE COACH subscription, replacing the 7-day trial of all packs. There is no trial for a monthly subscription.

Always Improving

Scrolling MySwimPro dryland workout

With many swimmers still out of the pool due to the pandemic, we’re making continual improvements to the dryland workout experience, using data gathered from dryland workouts that have been logged in the app.

There’s also a subset of swimmers who are getting back in the water. We’re working on updates for the open water swimming experience and adding new training plans to keep things fresh!

We always appreciate your feedback and work hard to release updates as fast as we can. There’s a lot more to come this summer and beyond!

The State of Swimming

We surveyed more than 500 swimmers and found that 71% of swimmers still don’t have access to a pool or open water at this time. 90% of swimmers think they’ll be able to dive back in within 3 months, however.

Read the full report here.

New Dryland Training Plans

We launched new dryland training plans that include equipment, such as resistance bands, a medicine ball and a Swiss ball. The plans range from a beginner, low impact plan to an advanced, HIIT plan. 

We also launched the Dryland Workout of the Day in the app, so swimmers can have a fresh workout 7 days a week!

Training Resources for Swimmers

In the last 2 months, our team has filmed and edited more than 200 new workout videos. Almost every MySwimPro team member is included in these videos, and we’re excited to bring you more great content in the coming weeks!

Be sure to follow MySwimPro on social media to check out our Whiteboard Wednesdays, dryland workouts and interviews with inspiring swimmers from around the world. We share new videos almost every day on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok!

Business Development

We have secured partnerships with a variety of companies in the fitness and publishing spaces, allowing the brands to connect with our global audience. If you’re interested in working with us, please reach out to!

Gold Medal Moments

Our community is loving the recent updates to the app. Here’s what a few swimmers had to say!

These improvements to the app are fantastic! To supplement the swim training with dryland training (which I have wanted for a very long time!), is more than worth the price. Dryland is tied directly to swimming success. The app just keeps getting better and better

Tony Matias, MySwimPro Global Community Facebook Group

This is a great app. As a long distance open water swimmer the workouts and dryland have been instrumental in directing and planning my workouts. Very worthwhile.

swmsfr67 – Apple App Store review

Fantastic swim (and now dryland) programmes, generally very easy to use. Swim programmes and varied and you feel and see the results quickly. The dryland ones are like having a PT! Also, they’re very approachable, and fix any issues super quickly. Highly recommend.

herrcosgrove123 – Apple App Store review

freestyle drone

This is THE app if you’re looking for something to seamlessly track your swims and sync with your wearable tech. The swim workouts are varied enough there’s something for everyone. You can customize all the workouts, change the interval times, set number, order of the workout, anything and everything. That’s a great feature because sometimes I don’t have as much time as I need for some of the workouts. Problem solved.

I recently had an issue with my account and the customer service was on point. I got an immediate response and my issue was resolved with that one response. Keep up the great work, MySwimPro!

Ca$hvin – Apple App Store review

I am in my late 50s, was a swimmer in HS and college and really came back to the sport because I needed low impact on my knees. I have loved this app for almost 3 years. I applaud MSP for developing the dryland exercises but not until the Low Impact Training Plan did I get engaged in a routine. I love that I can control the timing as well as having Fares right there demonstrating and doing the exercise with me. What a way to keep us motivated and not feeling like we are losing out on our memberships! I hope you will keep these plans available once we are back in the swim. Go MSP Team!

Dbekeny – Apple App Store review

As always, we appreciate your support. If you haven’t already, download the MySwimPro app and try a workout! 

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