Low back pain and injuries are common among swimmers, and are often the result of improper body position and limited core stability. A combination of swimming, dryland training and stretching is key to fixing these issues and helping you swim pain free. Today we’re sharing one of our favorite lower back stretches. The lying twist!

Technique Check: Lying Twist

  • Keep Shoulders Flat: Throughout this stretch, both shoulders should be flat on the ground. If your shoulders come up, you should think about bringing your knees away from the floor until your shoulders are flat.
  • Stack Your Knees: When you drop your knees over to one side, do your best to stack your knees on top of each other. You may need to adjust your hips slightly to make this happen!
  • Look Over Your Shoulder: If you’re twisting your legs to the right, look over your left shoulder! If you feel any neck pain when doing this, it’s perfectly fine to look straight up at the ceiling. 
  • Press Your Knees Down: To intensify your twist, press your knees down into the floor with your hand. 

Try 30-60 seconds on each side after your workout. This should feel awesome!

While this stretch by itself won’t cure a lower back injury, it can be beneficial when paired with dryland training that focuses on core stability and strength. If you think you may have a low back injury, seek help from a physical therapist or doctor.


  • Place a Pillow Under Your Knees: If your knees don’t touch the ground when you twist, try placing a pillow, towel or folded blanket between your knees and the floor. This way, you’ll be able to relax into the stretch wherever you’re at!
  • Try it Sitting: If you’re feeling a really intense stretch or pain in your back during this stretch, try it sitting on the floor or in a chair! To twist to the right, place your left hand on your right thigh and reach your right arm behind you. Think about sitting up tall!

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