Your warmup sets the tone for your workout — a good warmup will prime your muscles and get you ready to perform during the main set. Minimal warm up (or no warm up at all) can put you at risk for injuries, and means your body might need some extra time to shake off the cobwebs after you dive in. 

Before you get in the pool, we recommend running through this 5-10-minute dynamic warmup on deck. Focus on your shoulders and core for a few minutes to get the blood flowing and ensure that they engage properly when it’s time to hop in the water.

Follow along with the video below for a full walkthrough of each exercise! After you’re warmed up, hop in the pool with a Workout from the MySwimPro app

The Warmup

  • 20-50 Arm Swings in various positions
  • 5-10 Walkout with Twist
  • 10-20 Band Pull-Aparts
  • 10-20 Scapula Pushups
  • 15-20 Dead Bugs
  • 15-20 Hip Bridges

Exercise Cues

Extra tips and tricks to get the most out of each exercise in this dynamic warmup!

Arm Swings

Open up your chest, upper back and lats! Swing up and down, side to side, whatever feels good to you.

Walkout with Twist

This is a powerhouse warmup drill that hits your whole body. Split this move into 6 steps:

  1. Fold down. Open up the hamstrings!
  2. Walk your hands out. Fire up the core!
  3. Step one foot up. Open the hips!
  4. Twist toward your front leg. Open up the upper back!
  5. Step your foot back. Step the other foot up and repeat the twist. 
  6. Bring the hand down, step your foot back and walk your hands back to your feet. Repeat on the other side.

Band Pull Aparts

This drill helps to activate the muscles that support your shoulder, including your lower trapezius and serratus anterior. 

Start holding the band at shoulder height with your palms facing up. Extend your hands into a “T” position, feeling the band’s resistance. Focus on keeping your shoulders locked down and back – no shrugging!

Scapula Pushups

More shoulder work with this exercise. Start in a plank position on your knees (for an advanced version, lift your knees into a full plank!). 

Keeping your arms straight, sink your chest toward the ground. Then press back up, reaching the middle of your back to the sky. Keep your shoulders down to get the most out of this exercise. 

Dead Bugs

Fire up the core with dead bugs! Start lying on your back, with your knees in a 90 degree tabletop position and your arms extended toward the sky. Keeping your low back pressed to the ground, extend your right arm and left leg. Bring it back to center, and repeat on the other side. Add a resistance band around your feet for an extra challenge!

Hip Bridges

Last but not least we have hip bridges for some extra core engagement and glute activation. Start lying on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Tuck your pelvis under and press  through your feet, squeezing your butt as you lift up. Hold at the top for a second or two (without arching your back) and lower back down.

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