Swimming is a popular sport and leisure activity for millions of people around the world. But many people never get the opportunity to learn to swim due to lack of accessibility, education, or funding. These issues could be caused by governmental policies, systemic oppression, economic inequality, racism and more. We have the power to help reverse these inequalities, and it starts in our communities. 

If you’re interested in driving change in your local swim team or aquatics facility, check out the events below! They provide opportunities to learn from leading experts and gather community members to swim for a cause.

2nd Annual Social Justice Tread

There’s still a few weeks left in the 2nd annual Social Justice Tread! Each year from September to December, the International Water Safety Foundation and Diversity in Aquatics organize group treads around the world to increase awareness about racial disparities in aquatics, and raise funds to support nonprofits that work to reduce drowning and increase equality in aquatics spaces.

Gather your team and commit to treading water for 30 minutes to reflect on racial injustices impacting aquatics. Raise funds for a nonprofit of your choice, as well as the International Water Safety Foundation! This year’s tread ends December 31. Learn more & register >

Diversity in Aquatics Convention

After you’re done treading, Diversity in Aquatics’ annual Convention is a great next step. The 2022 event, held February 9-12 in St. Pete’s Beach, Florida, is focused on Co-Creating Equitable Aquatics Spaces: From Talk to Action.

Spend 3 days attending educational workshops, presentations and conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion in aquatics. Learn about important work being done to reduce drowning rates and support increased water safety education in our most vulnerable populations. You’ll leave this event with the tools you need to turn dialogue into action and strengthen diversity in your aquatics community. Register here >

How do you give back to your local swimming community? Share your ideas in the comments! 6 more ways you can make a difference >


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