In this guest blog, MySwimPro ambassador Hans Werner Köhn shares how he uses MySwimPro to train for national- and international-level competition.

About Me

My name is Hans Werner and I am a competitive swimmer from Ecuador, currently living in Hamburg, Germany. I work as a fitness, swimming and water polo coach, lifeguard and sports model. I have been swimming for 10 years and love sprints.

After high school, I decided to do everything I could to reach my swimming goals. From 2013-2015, I was a 7-time national champion in Ecuador, and I still swim at a very high level. I have competed at German National Championships 4 times, and have won two 4th place titles from German Masters Nationals. My next goal is to compete in the 2022 Masters World Championships for Ecuador!

Fun fact: I am 1.69m tall, but I am a really good volleyball player and love all kinds of sprints. 

How MySwimPro Helps Me Train

I use MySwimPro on my iPhone and Apple Watch. I have logged more than 200 workouts in the app! Before I found MySwimPro, I trained alone and created my own plans. MySwimPro gives me great feedback on my workouts and new swimming and dryland ideas. It’s always there for me!

My Advice for Swimmers

You are tougher than you think, faster than you know, and better than you will ever realize. Don’t lose your mind. Relax, do your best, enjoy the workouts and stay positive. Someday you will be proud of your success and yourself! 

It’s also important to find training partners that motivate you. I am so grateful to my teammates and colleagues for helping me become the athlete I am today!

Follow Hans’ swimming journey on Instagram at @hanswkb. Get 20% off MySwimPro ELITE COACH with the code HANS20.

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