From former collegiate swimmers to water polo players to weekend warriors, the MySwimPro team is packed full of water lovers. To help you make the most of your workouts, we’re sharing our top swim tips!

Do a Dynamic Warm Up

Carol Caldas, Video Editor

Don’t just hop in the pool without doing a quick warm up first! Run through a few dynamic stretches to loosen up your shoulders and hips and activate your muscles. Your body will thank you!

Focus on Body Position

Cenk Ariöz, Backend Developer

Freestyle swim

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Cenk has made massive progress using the technique videos in the MySwimPro app. When he’s swimming, he envisions himself moving through a narrow tube. This helps him focus on technique and proper body position.

Swim All Four Strokes

Taylor Holmes, Global Marketing Manager

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Taylor recommends incorporating all 4 competitive strokes into your training. Even if you don’t plan to race the individual medley or strokes other than freestyle, each stroke challenges your muscles in different ways, and can help avoid overuse injuries.

Avoid Burnout

Lorenza Padilla, Digital Content Producer

Open water swim

If you’re feeling good, you might want to swim a lot — we feel invincible! Lorenza recommends following a training plan or structured workout designed for your skill level to help you reach your goals and stay injury-free!

Invest in the Right Gear

Max Bilan, Senior iOS Developer

When it comes to gear, Max recommends being practical. Choose gear that is durable — the newest, fanciest items might look great, but they likely won’t outperform the classics. Get a good pair of goggles that fit snug around your eyes, and use a swim cap to help protect your scalp from damaging chlorine.

Investing in proper gear will save you money down the line, too.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

Michael Allon, Android Developer, Co-Founder

Swimming is challenging, and there are a lot of different aspects of each stroke to improve. Mike recommends focusing on one thing at a time. Spending dedicated time working on your catch, or body rotation will yield better results than trying to perfect multiple.

Work on Your Streamline

Paige, VP of Marketing

If you’re a new swimmer, take Paige’s advice and focus on your streamline and body position! Both of these factors play a huge role in the speed and efficiency of your stroke. Keep your streamline tight and your hips close to the surface of the water, and you’ll feel the difference!

Come to the Pool with a Plan

Charlie Brown, Community Champion

To maximize your results, Charlie suggests always coming to the pool with a plan. MySwimPro’s training plans set you up for success with 100% guided workouts, technique videos and community support!

Improve Your Open Turn

Adam Oxner, CTO, Co-Founder

Open turns can be extremely slow if you stop at the wall, turn around, and push off again. Adam suggests remembering the saying “elbow your brother, call your mother” to initiate a faster, more streamlined turn. Check out our breakdown of open turns below!

Don’t Neglect Your Walls

Ben Hendricks, iOS Developer

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Ben’s number 1 tip is to make good use of your walls. Instead of slowing down for your turns, power through them and push off hard with a tight streamline, taking advantage of the “free speed” you get from pushing off of a stationary surface. 

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  1. I recently purchased your app for the iPhone and I’m finding myself wishing that during long sets if the watch would beep at you at say every 100 split to let you know if you’re on pace or not instead of having to look at the watch or if the watch gets off count.

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