6 years ago, MySwimPro was just an idea. We dreamt of becoming the premier brand in swimming, leading the charge in innovation for the sport. 

Looking back at everything we have accomplished since MySwimPro launched in 2015, we have certainly achieved that goal! Thanks to our top notch app design, guided workouts and educational content, swimmers around the globe look to MySwimPro to improve their performance and health both in and out of the water.

We have also earned some notable accolades, too, including Apple’s prestigious App of the Year award!

And now we have over 1 million downloads across 180 countries, and the MySwimPro app is available in 9 languages. But we aren’t stopping there!

Introducing MySwimPro Studios

As our global audience continues to grow, we’re excited to announce our in-house production agency, MySwimPro Studios!

Comprising a team of full-time video editors, marketing experts and content creators, MySwimPro Studios powers our app and brand marketing, and produces all the content that is distributed across our channels. 

Whether we are sharing an inspiring story from our community, providing educational tips, or highlighting one of our amazing partners, it’s our mission to amplify the sport of swimming through incredible content. 

The Numbers

Freestyle swimming

Our content is seen by more swimmers than any other brand in the world, and this is just the start! Since MySwimPro launched, we have racked up some pretty impressive stats:

  • 10,000,000+ impressions per month
  • 500+ videos shared
  • 400,000+ followers on social media
  • 50,000,000 emails sent

We also host epic virtual events, drawing swimmers from all over the world!

World Swim Day

We founded World Swim Day in 2018 to increase awareness about water safety initiatives and encourage people to get active in the water. Thanks to donations from our community and sponsors, we have raised more than $8,000 for learn-to-swim organizations. Learn more >

World Swim Gala

In 2020 we hosted the first ever virtual World Swim Gala. Hundreds of swimmers dressed in their fanciest attire and tuned in via Zoom for inspiring keynotes from Rowdy Gaines and Kaitlin Sandeno, and a dance party! Check out the recap >

In-App Challenges

Each month, we encourage the MySwimPro community to go for a new swimming or dryland goal in the app. When you join a challenge, you can track your progress and see where you stand among your fellow swimmers!

The MySwimPro Team


Our global team is spread across more than 10 time zones, speaks nearly a dozen languages, and is backed by an international investor base spanning 36 countries.

We have ambassadors on 6 continents in nearly every time zone, and together we are the most comprehensive network of swimmers in the world. Meet our ambassador team >

We’re thrilled to have such a strong support system as we enter this new era. We have an incredible opportunity to connect swimmers to each other and the information they need to improve their performance and health like never before.

At the end of the day, regardless of where you live, where you swim, or how old you are, we are united by a shared passion for the water. Together, we will shape the future of the sport! Join us, work with us, swim with us — because the future’s so bright, and we’re just getting started!

To learn more about partnering with MySwimPro, please email dan@myswimpro.com.

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