The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for swimmers all over the world, and the MySwimPro team is no different. Spread across 4 continents, our team has had varying experiences with lockdown, pool closures and spiking virus cases.

Some team members were out of the water for 4 months or more and are sticking to at-home dryland training, while others were able to dive back into their swimming routines after just a few months (with proper social distancing protocols, of course!). Check out how each team member is staying fit and healthy!

Paige Walters, VP of Marketing

Before the pandemic, Paige played water polo with a team in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The team hasn’t played since the pandemic began, so she has had to get creative. She purchased a squat rack and has been working on her lifting technique and getting stronger. 

She tries to get outside each day, and enjoys gardening, walking and open water swimming!

Steve Dalal, Product Manager

Steve reserves a lane at an outdoor pool a few times a week to keep his swimming up. He’s incorporated at home dryland workouts and yoga, and has been getting back to basics with pushups, core work and jump rope.

To stay connected with friends, Steve hops on his indoor bike trainer and joins virtual rides with thousands of cyclists from around the world, all from the comfort of his home in Saratoga, California, USA.

Lorenza Padilla, Digital Content Producer

Lorenza loves mountain biking and swimming, so it was tough when lockdowns in Jalisco, México closed everything down. To stay fit, she started using MySwimPro dryland workouts in her backyard and got in a few tethered swims.

Now, both pools and mountains are open again, and Lorenza has gotten back to her usual routine!

Cenk Arioz, Software Engineer

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Pools are closed in Cenk’s hometown of Istanbul, Turkey, so he hits the gym 3 times per week to lift weights. He enjoys working out in the morning, when the gym is quieter. If pools were open, he would swim after his gym session, but dryland will have to suffice for now!

Carol Caldas, Video Editor

Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Carol has found lockdown pretty challenging. She is a dancer, so she’s used to getting her workouts in with lots of friends — exercise is a big social outlet. 

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To keep her workout routine interesting, Carol has tried online dance classes, yoga and MySwimPro dryland workouts. Now that pools are open again in Rio, she has even started swimming with MySwimPro 3 times per week. She enjoys being outdoors during her swims and has learned a lot in her first few weeks!

Maksym Bilan, Software Engineer

Max dryland

Max lives in Kharkiv, Ukraine, and his pool was shut down for almost 5 months at the beginning of the pandemic. Pools reopened briefly, but they are currently closed again.

During lockdown, Max has done a lot of at home dryland workouts with dumbbells and went for some open water swims during the summer months. Now that it’s winter in Ukraine, he logs 3 dryland workouts per week.

Taylor Holmes, Global Marketing Manager

Based in Arizona, USA, Taylor’s local pool has been reopened, with social distancing rules, since May 2020. She has been swimming 2-3 times per week in addition to hiking and doing at home yoga and dryland workouts.

Adam Oxner, Co-Founder and CTO

Pool time is hard to come by at Adam’s local pool in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. To keep himself motivated, Adam built himself a home gym in his basement, complete with weights, and his bike and trainer. He logs a few MySwimPro dryland workouts each week.

Mike Allon, Co-Founder and Software Engineer

It has been tough for Mike to get access to pools during lockdown in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but he’s stayed fit thanks to MySwimPro dryland workouts, rides on his indoor bike trainer, and the occasional run when the weather is nice. 

Ben Hendricks, Software Engineer

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Based in Brooklyn, New York, USA, Ben has been staying in shape with the help of at-home dryland workouts! He keeps his equipment minimal, using only a yoga mat, 10 pound medicine ball and a few resistance bands. He likes incorporating jumping movements, but keeps them to a minimum to avoid annoying his downstairs neighbors!

Charlie Brown, Community Champion

At the start of the pandemic, pools in Charlie’s hometown of Elgin, Texas, USA were closed. He made use of MySwimPro’s dryland workouts and completed the Swimmer’s Core dryland plan.

His pools have since reopened, and he’s able to go for a swim 2-3 times each week. He has also been going on hikes through the Texas hill country.

Fares Ksebati, Co-Founder and CEO

Throughout lockdown, Fares has been able to get in workouts in the pool, open water, in the gym and at home in Detroit, Michigan. His go-to moves? Pushups, squats, burpees and handstands! 

How are you staying fit during lockdown? Share in the comments! 

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