When I’m swimming, it feels like I’ve entered a different world. It’s as if I’ve been transported to another dimension. The world’s problems just disappear, and I become one with the water. The feeling of weightlessness is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my life. 

It’s magical.

When I first dive in, all my senses awaken, and I experience something that transcends imagination. The water brings my senses to life. I feel the water tingling on my skin. I hear the water molecules echoing in my eardrums as I sink below the surface. I can smell the water, fresh and natural, and even get a little taste with my lips.

It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience, and nothing else will engage all my senses like the feeling of being in water. After all, we as humans are 60% water, so it’s a bit like coming home. But there’s something more to this experience than becoming one with the water, a medium that covers most of the world’s surface area. 

There’s something about the feeling of weightlessness that is special, and it is this feeling that is one of the many joys swimming offers humanity. When you start to swim, every part of your body works together to move your vessel forward. 

Some body parts and energy systems work harder than others. Your heart beats faster to pump blood to your muscles, while your stomach slows down because digestion is no longer a priority. After about two minutes, your body realizes that you’re not stopping anytime soon and goes into aerobic respiration. 

Your body starts to supply even more oxygen to your muscles. Your heart beats faster and stronger to circulate this oxygenated blood through your body. 

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Our brains love swimming too! The extra blood and oxygen circulating help you become more alert, awake and focused. When we swim, our brain releases endorphins, the “feel good” hormones. When you swim, your mind can be just as engaged as your body, and as a result, your future self will thank you.

There is no question that swimming is the best all-around form of exercise for all. It’s the only form of physical activity that you can do from cradle to grave. The water has no racial, national or religious boundaries. Young, old, rich, poor, from anywhere around the world, we are all working toward the same goals.  

Together we share a passion for the water. Whether you swim for sport, physical fitness or mental health, whether you swim in a pool, lake, river, the sea or the ocean, we are all in this together!


It’s that feeling of weightlessness, competitive spirit, and pushing ourselves further and faster! It’s the positive endorphins we feel after reaching the wall, crossing the finish line, or looking in the mirror knowing you’re a badass for diving in and taking on the world!

This is why I swim!

I believe through structured guidance, data and social interaction, we are all just one day away from realizing our full potential. 

My book, Swim Like A Pro is the culmination of over a decade of on-deck coaching experience, 20+ years of competitive swimming knowledge and over five years building the largest digital swimming community in the world! 

I am incredibly excited to package all this knowledge into one book that takes a holistic approach to helping swimmers reach their goals.

Ready to unlock your full potential and take your swimming to the next level? Grab a copy of Swim Like A Pro!



  1. I live in Toronto, Covid lockdown central. Pools have been closed for almost 8 months out of the last year. To top this off we are in our 3rd wave of Covid and it will be the worse one yet. Up here motivation is not the problem. It’s too cold to swim in Lake Ontario now but I may end up doing that when the weather gets warmer.

  2. I bought the book, which I have enjoyed, when I thought our pools we going to reopen. You should make the on-line portion cheaper for someone who has both bought the book and is a subscriber to My Swim Pro.

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