In this guest blog, MySwimPro Ambassador and Syrian National Swimmer Ayman Klzie shares his swimming journey, and the road to the Tokyo Games.

About Me

Hi, my name is Ayman Klzie, and I’m a Syrian National Team swimmer. I started swimming when I was 7 years old.

In the beginning, I didn’t feel I had the talent to be a professional swimmer, but I always had a feeling of love in the water.

Training During the War

In 2011, the war started in Syria, and it made training, travel and going to any competitions difficult.

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I moved from Aleppo to Damascus to keep training, because there was only 1 swimming pool open there. During these years, training was really difficult, because we were swimming in really cold water or swimming without light. 

The hardest part is that I did not see my family for a long time. But we didn’t give up, and we kept focusing on my goal – the Olympic Games. 

Hitting My Stride in Thailand

I moved to Thailand in 2016 after the World Championships because I would be closer to qualify for the games. It was a really big challenge because I did not speak English or Thai, and I was even farther from my family than before. I also became a swimming coach at Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort in Phuket.

Everything changed when I met my coach, Mohammed Mardini. He opened my eyes to look differently at swimming. I started focusing on training hard, and competing like a professional swimmer. I went to 6 World Championships, 6 World Cups and many many swim meets. 

I became the National Record Holder for the 50, 100 and 200 butterfly, and the 200 and 400 IM.

And now, my dream has come true. I am going to Tokyo 2021! 

It’s an incredible feeling to be chosen from the top athletes for these games. I will swim the 100 or 200 butterfly in Tokyo. 

I am so excited to be part of the MySwimPro team and so happy to share my story with you. Water is life!

Follow Ayman’s swimming journey on Instagram at @aymanklzie. Use code AYMAN20 for 20% off MySwimPro ELITE COACH!



  1. Amazing that he was able to escape the constant fighting to thrive!
    As a fellow swimmer, I’d love to see the times posted in these stories too.
    I will be watching him!

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