In this guest blog, MySwimPro Ambassador Sebastian Furtună shares his journey from professional water polo player to swim coach, and what it means to him to teach the next generation of athletes.

About Me

My name is Sebastian Furtună, and I am a swimmer, swim coach and former water polo player living in Bucharest, Romania. 

My swimming story started 20 years ago, when my grandma decided to take me to swimming lessons. That didn’t last long, but 4 years later I tried again. The second time, I was hooked. I learned to swim in 2 or 3 weeks and my coach decided that I was perfect for the goalkeeper post on his water polo team.

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I spent 10 years playing professional water polo. Those years taught me lots about work ethic, consistency, discipline, team spirit and so on. I learned that being consistent with my training will help me reach my goals, sooner or later. Once I start something, I don’t like to quit!

Becoming a Swim Coach

After my water polo career ended, I became a swimming coach. After 7 years, I really love what I do. It doesn’t feel like work!

I wanted to give something back to the sport that raised me, so now I’m teaching others how to swim. Swimming is a life skill, a good way to stay in shape and an even better way to recover after injuries.

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Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds (maybe thousands) of people. I have helped them learn to swim, overcome their fears and get over injuries. 

My Swimming Goals

Since MySwimPro has come into my life, my competitive spirit has come back too! With the training plans in the app and the support of the Facebook community, I am looking forward to setting new goals. Right now I am working on getting in shape so I can train seriously for an open water event and, who knows, maybe one day I’ll be able to compete again at the highest level. My Olympic dream will never die!

My advice to you is to stay consistent and enjoy the journey. Because when you’re doing something you like, despite the fact that it may be hard, you’ve already won.

Follow Sebastian’s journey on Instagram at @sebastian_furtuna. Save 20% on MySwimPro ELITE with code SEBASTIAN20!


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