We’re excited to announce that MySwimPro is open for public investment! Join our international investor base on Wefunder to become a part-owner of MySwimPro and help us build the #1 workout app for swimmers! Invest now >

If you’ve already invested, thank you for your continued support! Feel free to share this opportunity with others in your network!

Since starting MySwimPro, we’ve built an incredible platform and community of people who are aligned in our vision to empower aquatic prowess. We’re thrilled to open this investment round and have you join us on this journey to help people all over the world improve their performance and health through swimming.

Here’s how your investment will make an impact:

1. Traction: Over 1.5 Million Downloads

We’re past the idea phase and have a successful product on the market. The MySwimPro app is in 9 languages, and helps swimmers in 180+ countries train effectively, swim faster and stay accountable. In 2016, MySwimPro was named App of the Year for Apple Watch. Your investment will help us reach more swimmers to share our educational tips, workouts and motivation.

2. Help People Improve Their Health

In the United States alone, there are over 26 million people who swim for fitness. Swimming has also been proven to boost mental health. When you invest in MySwimPro, you’re helping our team develop new features, educational videos and workouts that will help swimmers of all skill levels improve their performance and health.

3. Network Effects: Global Community

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Since 2015, MySwimPro has built a massive online community of swimmers — we have more than 750,000 followers across our social media channels. MySwimPro is a trusted brand in the aquatics world that many swimmers look to for technique tips, advice and motivation. Your investment will help us continue to build this community and provide educational, entertaining and inspirational content on each of our channels. 

4. World Class Team: Domain Expertise

MySwimPro was built by swimmers, for swimmers. Our team members have competed in swimming at an international level and bring an unparalleled level of swim coaching knowledge to the business. Each of us has a passion for the sport and work hard to increase access to high-quality swimming education, coaching and training. 

When you invest, you’re allowing us to dedicate time and resources to growing our team and creating an incredible user experience in the MySwimPro app.

5. International Investor Community

Join more than 500 investors and become a part owner of MySwimPro! We set the investment minimum at $100 to encourage as many people as possible to take advantage of this public offering.

Imagine if you invested $100 in a massive fitness brand like Under Armour or Nike* — your returns would be incredible!

Now is the time to invest in the future of swimming! Help us ride the wave of swimming’s popularity and the growth of the virtual fitness industry. If you invest $500 or more, you’ll unlock some epic investor perks, too!

If you’ve been an investor from the very beginning, thank you for your support! Please help spread the word.

If you’re thinking of investing, what are you waiting for? Invest now >

*MySwimPro has never reached these valuations, but these brands are examples of companies which MySwimPro aspires to reach in scale, which cannot be guaranteed.


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