The MySwimPro team accomplished a lot in March. From a major app update to a productive video shoot, check out what we’ve been up to!

iOS App Updates

In early March, we released a huge rebrand of the MySwimPro iOS app, including a completely refreshed look and feel, and improved features:

  • Smarter Training Plan recommendations
  • Improved onboarding experience for new members
  • Enhanced Analytics screen
  • New printable Workout PDF

Check out our blog post or open the MySwimPro app to check it out! Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about Android — we have fresh updates coming soon there, too.

Coming Up

In April, our Product team is focused on creating recommendations for which Training Plan to follow after you complete a Plan, so you don’t lose momentum toward your goals.

We’re also working on an improved Training Plan screen to help you better track your progress and get to the day’s Workout even faster.

Cancún Video Shoot

Our Marketing team headed back to Cancún, Mexico this month for a 3-day video shoot! We brought along American Para swimmer Jamal Hill and professional triathlete Simon Shi to film a massive library of content for the app and social media. Some of it is already going viral on TikTok!

Keep an eye out for new interviews and educational content from this shoot in the coming months.

Behind the scenes, Marketing is also continuing to refine our email and messaging strategy to educate swimmers about the benefits of training with the MySwimPro app.

April is shaping up to be another jam-packed month for MySwimPro. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and join our Facebook Group to stay up to date!


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