If you’re a new swimmer, it can be tough to know what gear you need. Some swimmers show up to the pool with a bag full of equipment, but don’t worry – you don’t need all that to get a good workout!

Check out our top four essential items for your first few lap swimming workouts.

1. Swimsuit

When you swim laps, it’s important to have the right swimsuit. For women, that could look like a one piece suit or a two piece bikini designed for working out. For men, you’ll see jammers (shorts) or briefs (a speedo). 

A few notes to help you find the right suit:

  • No loungewear: Swim trunks, loose fitting suits, casual bikinis or suits with excess padding can slow you down in the water and might come off when you dive in!
  • No racing suits: Technical racing suits are pricey and are designed to be worn only on race day. Save your money and find a cheaper option!
  • Choose polyester: Look for suits that are 100% polyester. These will last longer than other fabrics!
  • Find your fit: Your workout suit should be form fitting and comfortable, but it shouldn’t move around too much when you swim. Remember that your suit will stretch with time, so it’s ok if your suit is a little tight at first.

2. Swim Cap

While not required, we highly recommend wearing a swim cap to keep your hair out of your face and reduce drag.

We love silicone swim caps, because they’re thicker and last a little longer. You can also try latex or fabric caps as well to see what you like. 

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Despite popular belief, a swim cap will not keep your hair dry. They are designed to keep your hair under control, and will still let some water in.

When you put on your cap, make sure the seam at the top goes from the front to the back of your head, not side to side. Your cap should sit in the middle of your forehead.

3. Goggles

Goggles protect your eyes from chlorine and sun damage, and make it much easier to see while you swim! 

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If you swim outdoors, choose a pair of darker tinted goggles (sort of like sunglasses for swimming!). For indoor swims, you can opt for lighter tinted or clear goggles. 

Your goggles should fit tight to your face. Place the straps over your swim cap, and make sure the straps aren’t too low, or your goggles won’t stay secure.

Swim goggles should not cover your nose. If you have issues with water getting in your nose, try a nose clip instead.

4. Swim with the MySwimPro App

When you’re new to swimming, it can be tough to know how to get the best workout. That’s where the MySwimPro app comes in! We help you make the most of your time in the water with personalized, Guided Workouts and Training Plans designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

As you improve, MySwimPro Coach will keep challenging you, to help you get faster and fitter than ever before.

Sync a compatible Apple or Garmin smartwatch for extra tracking, and Set-by-Set guidance. Or, print a PDF of your Workout to bring with you to the pool.

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