After a few months training with the MySwimPro app, Gisella’s fastest 100 yard freestyle time dropped from 1:35 to 1:04. In 2023, her 100 free has dropped further: She’s now swimming a :57!

Beyond her personal success in the pool, Gisella turns to swimming as a form of moving meditation. In the water, she can disconnect and relax. She leaves the pool feeling tranquil and ready to take on the day.

I truly believe swimming is a form of meditation and breathwork, which helps reduce my anxiety.

Swimming Background

As a swimmer herself, Gisella is able to bridge the gap between her love for the sport and her skills as a designer.

Gisella started swimming at age four. Her family lived across the street from a 50-meter, outdoor pool in south Florida, and swimming quickly became a huge part of Gisella’s life.

After swimming for her local club team for years, Gisella moved to Colorado to swim collegiately at Colorado State University.

Being in the water makes me feel at home. It gives me a sense of peace.

In 2010 she made the Colombian National Team, and competed at the 2010 South American Games in Medellín, Colombia and the 2010 FINA short course World Swimming Championships in Dubai.

After graduating from college, Gisella continued to train in the hopes of making the Colombian Olympic team for the 2012 Games. 

When she didn’t make the team, Gisella stepped back from the sport and didn’t maintain a regular swimming routine for almost a decade. 

But all of that changed when she joined the MySwimPro team in 2021.

Her Role as Product Designer at MySwimPro

As MySwimPro’s Product Designer, Gisella Cianci creates beautiful, intuitive designs that shape a seamless user experience for swimmers training with the MySwimPro app.

Her designs change the way MySwimPro members think about their swim workouts, enhancing their understanding of each set and creating a clear path to achieving their goals. 

In 2022, Gisella spearheaded the largest app redesign in MySwimPro history! Her hard work brought a host of new features to life and created a sleek, user-friendly training experience for MySwimPro members around the world. 

How She Trains Today

These days, she trains alone two to three times per week, like many MySwimPro members. She uses the Workout of the Day or Training Plans in the MySwimPro app for customized, Guided Workouts on her Apple Watch.

Gisella’s training with MySwimPro allows her to approach her work thoughtfully. She puts herself in our members’ shoes to create design solutions that improve the app and bring joy to swimmers around the world. 

Fun Facts About Gisella

  • She lives in Denver, Colorado, USA
  • Her favorite stroke is backstroke
  • While she was pregnant with her son, she hand made a 72x72in quilt of stars and constellations in the northern hemisphere. When he was born, she gave it to him!

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