It can be tough to find swim workouts that will keep you motivated and accountable on your swimming journey. If you’re bored of swimming the same workouts over and over, you’re in luck! The Workout of the Day in the MySwimPro app was designed with you in mind.

Open the MySwimPro app on your phone and get a fresh, new swim workout every single day. And the best part? The intervals and sets are already adjusted for your speed, skill level and stroke preferences. So you just have to hop in the water and swim.

The Workout of the Day is available exclusively to MySwimPro Coach members. Sign up here to start a free, 7-day trial!

How to Access the Workout of the Day in MySwimPro

It’s easy to find the Workout of the Day in the MySwimPro app: Open MySwimPro on your iPhone or Android smartphone, and tap the Workout of the Day on the Coach screen.

After opening the workout on your phone, you have a few options:

  • Send the workout to your smartwatch for a totally guided experience
  • Export a PDF to print and take to the pool

If you have an Apple Watch, skip the phone step and open the workout right on your watch! 

  • Open MySwimPro on your Apple Watch
  • Tap Workout of the Day
  • Tap Start and start swimming!

Before you swim, make sure to confirm your Best Times are accurate on your Profile. MySwimPro uses these times to create customized intervals for each set, so you’re always swimming at the right level for you. Get tips for personalizing your experience here.

Your Weekly Swim Workout Schedule

Here’s what you can expect the Workout of the Day schedule to look like every two weeks:

Week 1:

  • Monday: Freestyle Aerobic
  • Tuesday: IM
  • Wednesday: Pace (Best Average)
  • Thursday: IM
  • Friday: Mixed 
  • Saturday: Sprint
  • Sunday: Freestyle Mixed Distances

Week 2:

  • Monday: IM
  • Tuesday: Freestyle Aerobic
  • Wednesday: Mixed
  • Thursday: Pace (Best Average)
  • Friday: IM
  • Saturday: Freestyle Mixed Distances
  • Sunday: Sprint

Whether you swim every day or three times per week, this refreshed schedule from our expert coaches ensures that you’re covering all aspects of your swim training, from speed work to stroke technique and everything in between.

Love a particular workout? Save it to your Workout Library in the MySwimPro app and go back to it whenever the mood strikes!

For more tips and FAQs, visit our Support Site. Sign up and start your free, 7-day trial of MySwimPro Coach >

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