There are only three simple steps to becoming a stronger swimmer – decreasing drag in the water, increasing your propulsion in your pull, and following a strategic training plan tailored to your goals.

Configuring that personalized plan is even easier now, with our newest feature in the MySwimPro app.

We’ve teamed up with TrainingPeaks to help athletes and coaches streamline their swim training and track all their workout data in both apps.

Now available for iOS Paying Subscribers, sync your app accounts today to get started!

For Swimmers:

Pre-schedule your personalized MySwimPro swim workouts to the calendar in your TrainingPeaks app, so you can see all your workouts in one centralized hub.

After you log your swim workout in MySwimPro, all your detailed data and analytics will be automatically synced to your TrainingPeaks profile. (Available for free iOS members)

These new features help athletes see the data behind every swim, right alongside their other workouts, such as running, cycling, lifting, rowing, and more.

For TrainingPeaks Coaches:

If your athletes are completing swim workouts in the MySwimPro app, their scheduled swims will automatically appear and be marked as completed in the TrainingPeaks app.

Plus, athletes can download and perform a coach’s structured workout on the MySwimPro Apple Watch app. They’ll be guided through the swim set-by-set like a personal coach on their wrist! (Available for paying iOS subscribers)

These new features make it even easier to integrate expert-guided swim workouts into your athletes’ training routines. Plus, you both get a full picture of the workout data across both apps.

Whether you have your sights set on competing in your first Ironman or if you’re looking to improve your freestyle technique, personalized training plans in the the MySwimPro and TrainingPeaks apps will help you get there.

Connecting TrainingPeaks & MySwimPro

  1. Open the MySwimPro mobile app on your iPhone
  2. Tap Settings on your Profile tab and navigate to Account Settings
  3. Scroll down to Integrations
  4. Tap TrainingPeaks
  5. Tap Connect
  6. Login with TrainingPeaks
  7. Enable Sync to TrainingPeaks and authorize MySwimPro to access your TrainingPeaks account
  8. That’s it! You can now send and receive workouts to TrainingPeaks

Sync completed workouts to TrainingPeaks

  1. Ensure TrainingPeaks sync has already been enabled
  2. Swim your workout with MySwimPro (manual log or automatic log with a smartwatch)
  3. View completed workout directly in TrainingPeaks

Sending MySwimPro workouts to TrainingPeaks

  1. Open the MySwimPro mobile app on your iPhone
  2. Choose a workout
  3. Tap (…)
  4. Tap send to TrainingPeaks
  5. Select the day to add the workout to your TrainingPeaks calendar
    Note: Scheduling workouts in advance requires a paid TrainingPeaks subscription
    Free TrainingPeak accounts can send workouts on the current day
  6. Tap Send
  7. That’s it! You can now view your workout on TrainingPeaks

Import TrainingPeaks Workouts to MySwimPro

  1. Schedule a workout for today in TrainingPeaks
  2. Open Coach Tab in the MySwimPro app
  3. Tap (…)
  4. Tap From TrainingPeaks
  5. Send to your watch!

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Personalized Swim Coaching & Workouts

MySwimPro is the largest digital community of swimmers in the world. Download the app and follow us on YouTube for workout ideas, technique tips, and free workout ideas!

Workouts are individually calibrated to your fitness level and lay the foundation for structured training programs. Choose from swimming and dryland training programs that are personalized to your skill level with our dynamic training algorithm.

Dive into your personalized Training Plan with the MySwimPro iPhone or Android app. MySwimPro supports Apple Watch, Garmin & Wear OS smartwatches. You can see a full list of compatible devices here.

Start a MySwimPro Coach subscription to unlock your personalized AI Swim Workouts, Training Plan, and daily technique videos and tips.


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