The Michigan State University Club swim team provides a structured training environment along with social activities and intercollegiate competition for undergraduate and graduate students at MSU. Separate from the Varsity swim team that competes in the NCAA and is part of the Big 10 conference, this group is open to any students who are not members of the Varsity team and are looking to be a part of club swimming. You can learn more about their Big 10 rivals (The University of Michigan) club swim team here.

The club team offers four workouts per week Monday through Thursdays with an average of 40 swimmers per workout session. Each session has two workouts led by one or two coaches on deck.

“one of the advantages of having a coach at a club swim is having someone to keep you accountable” – Joel Soler

The team competes in three meets over the course of the Fall and Winter semesters. The yearly focus is the National Collegiate Club Championships in Atlanta, Georgia. “it’s greatest when you can see people improve in their stroke so they’re not just gaining speed but also ability” says Emma Hollowell, club president. “Everyone wants to come to practice and everyone who is here really wants to be here” – Katherine Kuhn, club Vice President.

Beyond the swim workouts, the group connects socially as well. “it brings back memories from high school swimming and reminds you that you’re never going to forget this sport”, says Miriam Nazjoo a freshman on the team. Being on a club swim team allows you to meet not only other swimmers but also students who are involved with other programs at the University.

Freshman Jilly Wainer says “it’s fun to swim with former club swimmers”. Her teammate Ally Eick agrees: “it’s not just fun, but great to get back in the water and make new friends”. Like most swim teams, everyone is family!
If you’d like to learn more about getting involved, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the MSU Club Swim Team!



  1. Hello,
    I am a freshman at MSU and I am interested in joining the MSU Swim Club for the Spring Semester if possible. Please email me back with more information about doing do.
    Thank you,
    Rachel Dietz

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