Having trouble increasing your swimming distance? The Improve Endurance Training Plan in the MySwimPro app is designed to help you progressively improve your endurance, culminating in a 3k Workout! Build a solid foundation of stroke technique to keep injuries at bay, and challenge yourself with speed work.

Improve Endurance Training Plan Overview

  • Workouts: 24 Swim Workouts
  • Average Workout: 2,000 meters = 55 minutes
  • Goal: Complete a 3k Swim Workout

Who’s it for? You already swim a few times per week and are ready to take the next step to improve your efficiency and endurance.

How does it work? This Plan will help you safely progress to longer swims with a mix of technique, speed and distance work. Throughout the Plan, you’ll test your endurance with a series of short rest 100s. At the end of the Plan, you’ll complete a 3k Swim Workout! Log the optional Dryland Workouts after your swims or on days you don’t go to the pool.

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How to Train with MySwimPro

In the MySwimPro app, every Swim Workout and Training Plan is customized to your skill level. Head to the pool with confidence, knowing you’re getting exactly the training you need to reach your goals. As a MySwimPro member, you’ll unlock:

  1. Personalized Training Intervals that are tailored to your speed and automatically adjust as you get faster.
  2. SetBar™ that shows your expected swim time vs. rest time for every Rep in a Set. This is a game changer if you’re new to interval training!
  3. Workout Scaler that allows you to quickly increase or decrease the distance and duration of your Workout to make it fit your schedule.
  4. Compatibility with Apple and Garmin smartwatches. Sync your Workouts to your watch for Set-by-Set guidance!
  5. Detailed Analytics about every Workout, including splits, heart rate, SWOLF score, stroke rate, strokes per lap and more.
  6. Technique Videos explaining drills for all 4 strokes, plus educational videos to help you improve your performance.
  7. A fresh Workout of the Day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  8. The MySwimPro Workout Library, packed with hundreds of workouts personalized to your skill and speed.

Featured Training Plans

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  1. Good Morning,
    Quick question: which level of your programs have personalized workouts? I looked at the 8 week endurance program, but I am swimming 3,000 – 4,000 / session now and would like to move into the 2 – 3 hour 6,000 – 7,000 meter area.
    My Very Best,
    Steven Hugens

    • Hi Steven, thanks for the message! We are actually launching a Long Distance Training Plan in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned! In the meantime though, I recommend the 10-Week IMX Challenge Training Plan (https://myswimpro.com/blog/2018/06/21/10-week-imx-pro-challenge-training-plan/).
      These workouts are a bit shorter (~2k meters) than what you’re looking for, but since they incorporate a lot of stroke work, they are higher intensity. You can also always adjust any workout so it’s personalized to your goals. I’d also recommend doing the Workout of the Day. They’re usually longer, and you can always add more distance onto them if you’d like. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thank you! – Paige

  2. I just ended the free-trial period of the Swimpro app. I completed the 8-week Enhance Speed plan, I improved my stroke and speed, I liked the trainings. When I searched in your app for another interesting training plan I could’nt find anything I liked. I do not like the long distance trainings, I like to improve my personal record in freestyle especially.
    If I would sign up for monthly subscription, can I find more training plans that focus on speed and technique with Freestyle?

    • Hi Karin! We are always releasing new training plans, so with your Premium membership you will be able to access all the new plans that are released in the coming months. I would recommend that you try the ‘Enhance Speed’ or the ‘5k Open Water’ training plan next! Those are both plans for the pool and are perfect for improving your freestyle. Let me know if you have any further questions! – Paige

  3. I am looking to increase my freestyle endurance, but am very intimidated by the thought of 3000 meters in 8 weeks. I’m doing about 1000m/workout now with a mix of 3 strokes. What plan might you recommend?

  4. Hi, I’m training 6 days a week averaging 20-25 k, training to swim around Manhattan at the end of August , I was hoping you could help me structure some long workouts 2-3 hour , 6-10k . I swim with a masters team but only 2 days a week. I think a phone consultation would be a good place to start.
    Thank you

  5. steven lambert on

    I just started the free-trial period of the Swimpro app. I want to do the 8-week endurance plan.
    If i want to start the plan i get the error subscribing to training plan…
    Hope to see it fixed soon because i’m excited to start that plan.

  6. Robert Laskey on

    I’m 79 years old Maryland senior Olympic swimmer recovering from liver cancer. My training routine is 500-to-900 yards 5-to-6 times a week. My 100 yard average is closing in on three minutes. My next competition is on 14 September in my times need to be closer to two minutes thirty seconds for 100 yard swims to be competitive in the 500 yard old folks swim. Is there a training program where I can perform well against my competitor (the only other swimmer in my age group with two minute 30 seconds 100 yard sprints). (703)909-6634.

  7. Lori Johnson on

    Just getting back into swimming slowly after knee replacement surgery and would like to continue. Really enjoyed listening to how swimming effects our bodies. Good job explanations.

  8. Flavio Boavida Santos on

    I´m a begginer and i started swimming 3 weeks ago. I´m 41 years old but i train a lot of cardio. The issue is that i can´t do 50mts without stopping and breathe for recovering . Normally i have to stop 1min between sets of 50mts.
    How i can improve???
    Best regards

  9. hey im shane i have question im quarantine at my place and i want to improve my endurance
    i have a double end boxing punching bag at home will it help me to improve my endurance

  10. Miguel Barroso on

    I´m 61 years old and i´m a master swimer from Portugal. I strat swiming again afther 40 years sinse the last 5 years and I try to improve all the time. I visite a lot of sites that promisse to improve mi swiming and mi times , but the exempls that those sites refer improving in bad swimers.
    I traine in a Club 3 /4 times a week and mi times are 1:19 and 2:58 at 100 amd 200 Breastroke and 1:05 100 Free.
    With your programe do you think that I can improve ?

    Best regards
    José Miguel Barroso

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