In December of 2018, the the fastest swimmers in the world leaders in aquatic sports gathered in Hangzhou, China! The World Aquatic Sports Convention and World Championships occurs only once every two years and MySwimPro served as the official Media Sponsor of the FINA World Aquatic Convention.

Over 1,200 delegates came to China from around the world. You can read more about what the FINA World Aquatic Convention and Golden Coaches clinic is all about here. You can also read why the Golden Coaches Clinic is the best swim coaches clinic in the world here.

The FINA convention provides a platform in which the global Aquatics family and business leaders come together to share best practice, encourage engagement in aquatic sports, and boost elite performance in all FINA disciplines. The next World Convention will be in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 2020.
The FINA World Aquatic Convention brings together the best from the world of Aquatics: 209 National Federations, Organizing Committees, Host Cities, athletes, coaches, and team doctors. It includes a 3-day exhibition; panel discussions; one-on-one interviews; Coaches Clinics; social activities; lunches; and dinners.

As the Media Sponsor for the convention, MySwimPro had the opportunity to connect with leaders in the aquatic industry and speak with 11 athletes from 9 different countries. Some international superstars included: Vlad Morozov (Russia) World Champion in the 50m Freestyle, Thiago Pereira (Brazil), and Sajan Prakash (India). You can checkout all the video interviews from China below.

Vladimir Morozov (Russia) Владимир Морозов 🇷🇺

Thiago Pereira (Brazil) 🇧🇷

Azad Al-Barazi (Syria) ازاد البرازي 🇸🇾‎

Sajan Prakash (India) 🇮🇳

Bobby Hurley (Australia) 🇦🇺

Ayman Klzie (Syria) ايمن كلزية 🇸🇾

Mohammed Bedour & Lara Aklouk (Jordan) 🇯🇴

UB Misech (Palau) 🇵🇼

Hiba Douaihy (Lebanon) هبة دويهي 🇱🇧

Rókur Í Jákupsstovu (The Faroe Islands) 🇫🇴

Nathan Tschohl (Founder of SwimNerd & International Water Safety Foundation) 🇺🇸

Have you had the opportunity to visit China or attend a FINA World Championships?
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