In March we welcomed the newest team member to our team, Charlie Brown, our Community Champion. You can watch and read about our last month in the February 2019 Update here.
Below is a behind the scenes look at MySwimPro in March 2019!

Open Public Offering

Earlier in February, we announced our second ever Open Public Offering. We’re closing the round shortly and you can learn more about participating in this round of financing here. Below are some testimonials from our global investors:

“I run a private investment company in the area of augmented reality and semiconductors for Near Field Communications (NFC). I was CEO of a publicly listed analog semiconductor company, worked for Google X and worked with most major technology companies and have restructured companies for over 30 years. I like the quality of the product and believe your vision of fully based training programs integrated to hardware platforms is implemented well. Keep up the excellent work!” – John
“I strongly believe this is the best investment I’ve made so far. I believe in the team behind the app which seems to be a perfect blend between swimming and software development.” – Ionut
“Fares’ and his team’s passion for the sport and dedication to the community is reflected in their strong user growth. Sound investing aside, I’m an active swimmer and triathlete and these two apps are exactly what I need.” – Keoni
“After some due diligence, it was apparent that MySwimPro’s growth opportunity is large. I know that over the forthcoming years MySwimPro and the team will be hard at work to grow MySwimPro into a globally recognizable brand. What’s more, your product is helping people lead happier and healthier lives.” – Tyler
“I am beyond impressed with MySwimPro’s passion and professionalism. Swimming needs more people and companies like this.” – Bill


We’re excited to welcome Charles Brown to the team as our Community Champion. Here’s a quick note from Charlie:

Hi MySwimPro community! My name is Charlie Brown. I used to swim competitively when I was younger until a non-swimming related shoulder injury (I fell in the street getting the mail) 😬 I took some time off, then got back into the sport until my friend, a toothless alligator 🐊🐊 Decided my right arm and shoulder needed a good bite. After that, I lost the use my right arm for a little more than a year and stopped swimming during that time. It was hard to get back into swimming and then I discovered MySwimPro. It has made a huge difference for me. I love swimming, technology and excited to help the MySwimPro global community!

MyTriPro App in Beta

Last month Adam and I attended the USA Triathlon Coaches Certification Clinic in Los Angeles at TriFit. We learned about the mechanics of swim, bike, run training and the fundamentals of properly structuring a comprehensive triathlon training plan. Excited about the future of our company in the triathlon market. You can read more about the USAT Clinic here.

MyTriPro is a new app by MySwimPro, Inc. that delivers a personalized triathlon training plan. The app is officially in Beta testing and will launch next month on iOS. We’re super excited to bring our experience from the swimming world to the triathlon market with a new App!

Product: Garmin Heart Rate Segments

We recently launched new analytics with Heart Rate Segments for our community members who swim with a Garmin Watch! After you save a workout, you can see your heart rate graphed over the course of the swim, and easily see your intensity on the graph for each set.

The heart rate graph will appear for all workouts logged from a Garmin Smartwatch or Garmin Heart Rate Strap (assuming enough heart rate data is collected). Under the graph, you can find your average and maximum heart rate for the workout. It’s a truly remarkable experience with more enhancements coming in future updates. You can read more about it here.

If you’re looking to learn more about MySwimPro, join the team, or help us grow, feel free to shoot me an email directly at!


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