After more than 3 months out of the water due to the COVID-19 lockdown, MySwimPro CEO Fares Ksebati dove back into pool training! Check out his first workout in more than 100 days.

The New Normal

Fares’s pool requires every patron to wear a mask while entering and exiting the facility, and limits how long each swimmer can work out. Seating areas were also spaced out to comply with social distancing recommendations. 

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The Workout

Fares focused on technique and regaining his feel for the water for this first workout. After so long out of the pool, it can be easy to do too much and get injured. 

This pool is 30 meters long, so Fares ran through a workout of 30- and 60-meter repeats. He didn’t set any intervals for himself and chose a few drills to help him work on his body position, early vertical forearm and balance.

Since this workout was unstructured, Fares tracked his swim in Pool Swim mode using the MySwimPro app on his Apple Watch!

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Distance: 1200 meters

Duration: 37 minutes

Warm Up

5x60m Freestyle, 15-30 seconds rest

Kick & Drill

  • 1x300m Kick
  • 1x300m Drill

IM Set (x2)

  • 1x30m Butterfly
  • 1x30m Backstroke
  • 1x30m Breaststroke
  • 1x30m Freestyle

Cool Down

2x30m Freestyle

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  1. I’m doing similarly – using Garmin pool swim & MySwimPro app, no timed intervals, loosely structured, starting 1000 – 1500 yds, focus= muscle strength, stroke technique. By wk2, 2k-2.5k yds, added structure & more kicks. By end of wk3, 2.5-3k w/ more reps & moderate speed, more kick. By wk4, 3k+ yds, still no timed intervals, speed mod-fast, still doing stroke tech drills & fails, cardio.
    That’s 1st month goal.

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