At MySwimPro, we believe everyone is just one swim away from their Gold Medal Moment. In that spirit, the MySwimPro team shared their favorite inspiring stories from swimmers in our community. Check it out!

Paige Walters, VP of Marketing

Paige highlighted MySwimPro Ambassador Gabrielle Osborne, who is swimming faster than ever at 51 years old — she has 6 Australian Masters state records! After 30 years out of the pool and numerous health issues, Gabrielle rediscovered her love of the water with the help of MySwimPro and hasn’t looked back! Read Gabrielle’s story here.

Charlie Brown, Community Champion

Charlie is inspired by MySwimPro Ambassador Sarah Bofinger, who made the United States Paralympic Team this year! She has worked incredibly hard and we can’t wait to watch her compete! Watch our interview with Sarah at 2019 U.S. Masters Nationals!

Taylor Holmes, Global Marketing Manager

Taylor gave a shoutout to Brandon Horn, one of the most active swimmers in our Global Community Facebook group! After multiple knee surgeries, Brandon thought he wouldn’t be able to do high impact dryland training again. But, with the help of MySwimPro’s dryland workouts, he has been able to ease back into tough training sessions and is feeling as strong as he was in high school!

Carol Caldas, Video Editor

During the COVID-19 lockdown, our live dryland workouts were a huge help to our community. Carol gave props to wordybirdy from YouTube, who is using our guided workouts to stay fit and start her day on a high note! Check out our live workouts on YouTube and IGTV.

Adam Oxner, CTO & Co-Founder

Adam loves seeing our members surprise and delight themselves with their progress! He highlighted Rebecca Hernandez from our Global Community Facebook group. In October, she swam about 500 yards in 10 minutes. In January, she swam 2×500 — the first in 8:45 and the second in 9:01. She hadn’t noticed that she’d gotten faster, and was blown away by her improvement!

Maxim Bilan, Senior iOS Developer

Max celebrated MySwimPro Ambassador Michelle Rogalski, who just logged her 100th workout in the app! She marked the occasion with an open water swim in her local lake. Max loves watching our community members reach big milestones! Read more about Michelle’s swimming journey!

Cenk Ariöz, Backend Developer

Dawn Thompson’s achievement caught Cenk’s eye. After years of chronic pain, she successfully completed a 2-hour qualifying swim for her English Channel relay team. The water was only 16 degrees Celsius!

Mike Allon, Android Developer & Co-Founder

Mike is blown away by MySwimPro Ambassador Patty Deters’ incredible weight loss journey. After 25 years out of the pool, Patty dove back in and, with the help of MySwimPro, lost 75 pounds. Check out Patty’s story here!

Ben Hendricks, iOS Developer

Ben headed to the Apple App Store for his Gold Medal Moment. MySwimPro member Dbekeny. They have been using MySwimPro for 3 years, and applauded the team for adding dryland training options during the pandemic — especially the Low Impact training plan! To learn more about dryland training, click here.

Lorenza Padilla, Digital Content Producer


Lorenza has been inspired by MySwimPro Ambassador Teresa Pérez Gavilán Robles! Teresa took a 12 year break from swimming, dealing with numerous health issues, including anxiety, sleep problems, knee pain and more. MySwimPro helped her get back in shape and stop taking all of her medication! Read more about Teresa here.

Dan Plantamura, Business Development

Dan shared positive feedback from our recent sponsored campaign with Vasa Trainer. Vasa CEO Rob Sleamaker was thrilled with the content our team created. Check out the video here!

Fares Ksebati, CEO & Co-Founder

And last, but not least, Fares shared a Gold Medal Moment from Adam Dou. After just 2 weeks of using MySwimPro, Adam has improved 100%! He never thought he could swim 800 meters in 32 minutes, and is excited to see how the app will help him continue to improve.

The strength of our community makes it easy — and fun — for us to come to work every day. We can’t thank you enough for your support and positivity! What’s your Gold Medal Moment? Share below!

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