Short on time? You can still get a great, calorie torching workout in just 30 minutes!

Follow along as Fares guides you through a 30-minute workout designed to burn as many calories as possible. 

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How to Build a Short Swim Workout

  • Have a Game Plan: Plan your workout ahead of time! When you build your workout in the MySwimPro app you’ll see a total duration, so you’ll know exactly how long you’ll be in the water.
  • Cut Out the Fluff: Avoid high repetitions of 25s, 50s and kicking, and limit your workout to just a warm up, main set and cool down. Minimize your rest between sets and set groups to shave off some time, too. To edit your rest settings in the MySwimPro app, go to your Profile and tap Settings>Workout Settings.
  • Add Some IM: To really torch calories, sprinkle some individual medley into your workout! You’ll engage every muscle group and work your body in different ways.

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The Workout

Before heading to the pool, Fares created a custom Guided Workout in the MySwimPro app. He swam this workout in a 30-meter pool, using his Apple Watch for set-by-set guidance. 

Distance: 1500 meters

Duration: 30 minutes

Warm Up

  • 1×300 Freestyle
  • 1×240 FrIM*
  • 1×180 Drill

*Stands for Freestyle IM. Replace Butterfly with Freestyle in IM order.

Main Set

  • 6×90 Pull with paddles

Cool Down

  • 1×240 Freestyle Easy

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How to you structure your workouts when you have limited time? Share your tips below!

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