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The catch is an essential part of your stroke — it makes a huge difference in your overall power, speed and efficiency in the water. Your finger position plays a key role in your catch, too. If your fingers aren’t positioned correctly, you’re limiting your performance!

In this workout, Fares breaks down how to find the right space between your fingers with the help of Aqua Knuckles

Why Open Finger Swimming Works

Studies have shown that swimming with just a 5-10mm spread between each finger can improve your speed up to 2.5%, and increase force production by up to 10%. If you swim a 50 freestyle in 25 seconds, proper hand position could help you drop to a 24.375. That’s over half a second!

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Slightly open fingers cause the water directly around your fingers to displace water, which in turn enhances the surface area of your hands and allows you to pull more water with each stroke. 

Make sure your fingers don’t spread too wide, though. Too large of a spread negates any positive effects!

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Fares tested out the Aqua Knuckles DUBL WIDE, which slips onto your fingers and helps you get a feel for proper finger positioning. Aqua Knuckles come in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect fit!

They’re super comfortable, and you can swim all 4 strokes with them. They help you create muscle memory for perfect hand positioning!

The Workout

This workout’s main focus is technique. With a variety of drills, including sculling, Fares was able to work on hand position in all 4 competitive strokes.

He completed this workout using the MySwimPro app on his Apple Watch. His pool is 30 meters long.

Distance: 1500 meters

Duration: 42 minutes

 Warm Up

  • 1×300 Freestyle @ 5:00
  • 4×60 Kick @ 1:15
  • 4×30 IM @ 45

Catch Technique

  • 4×30 Freestyle with Aqua Knuckles @ 45
  • 4×30 Freestyle @ 40
  • 4×30 IM with Aqua Knuckles @ 45
  • 4×30 IM @ 40

Scull Set (2 Rounds)

  • 2×30 Front Scull with Aqua Knuckles @ 1:00
  • 1×90 Freestyle @ 1:30

Cool Down

  • 1×60 Freestyle @ 1:00

Do you swim with your fingers close together, or is there space between your fingers? Let us know below! Download the MySwimPro app and start a free trial of ELITE COACH! Get 15% off your order of Aqua Knuckles with code MYSWIMPRO!

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  1. I swim with my fingers slightly apart. I make sure I finish my stroke with power, and then a relaxed recovery.

  2. 51 years of swimming with my hands cupped and fingers close together – really trying the spaced fingers technique

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