As MySwimPro’s Product Manager, Steve Dalal helps guide the strategy for the MySwimPro app, creating the best personalized swim coaching experience as efficiently as possible.

He works with the MySwimPro Product team to build out our product roadmap, creating a plan to prioritize new features and resolve issues based on UI/UX testing, member feedback and internal insights.

Steve joined the MySwimPro team in 2020, bringing extensive experience as a Silicon Valley technologist, designer and entrepreneur. 

My favorite part about working at MySwimPro is our incredibly enthusiastic and earnest team!

Steve approaches his role with a high level of empathy for MySwimPro members. He puts himself in our members’ shoes: What do they want? What are they missing, training wise? What do they need to learn? 

That member-first thinking allows Steve to make educated recommendations to enhance the MySwimPro app, and has resulted in some of the most impactful app updates in recent years.

Swimming Background

Steve understands MySwimPro members so well because he’s been where many of them are now.  

Like many MySwimPro swimmers, Steve didn’t swim competitively growing up. He started swimming regularly about 10 years ago.

It all started with a triathlon challenge at work, and soon he was hooked on endurance sports – and the incredible community that surrounds them! He’s stayed active in the racing scene ever since.

Being in the water makes me feel light and at ease

Beyond the swim training required for triathlons, Steve swims because it feels good. It’s not as hard on his body as running or cycling, and the ability to swim in open water expands his options for destination races and outdoor activities around the world.

These days, he’s trying to improve his swimming form and efficiency. His goal is to comfortably swim 100 yards on 1:20 at an easy or moderate pace. 

Fun Facts About Steve

  • Butterfly is his favorite stroke. He recently learned it, and is seeing lots of improvement in his technique.
  • His go-to swim workout is endurance focused.
  • He played guitar in a heavy metal band in high school.
  • He learned to bake bread during Covid lockdown.
  • He has read the entire Isaac Asimov Robots series at least a dozen times throughout his life.

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