The first quarter of 2023 has come and gone, and we have a lot to be proud of here at MySwimPro. From new Test Sets to impressive social media growth, take a peek at what we accomplished in March.

Endurance Challenge I Test Set

After much anticipation, the Endurance Challenge I Test Set is live! This new Test Set challenges swimmers to complete 5×100 freestyle at Threshold pace. It’s a killer set that measures overall endurance and aerobic capacity.

The Endurance Challenge I comes as members have been loving the Need for Speed — our original Test Set that’s focused on 1×100 freestyle at Race Pace. We have more Test Sets coming soon, so keep an eye out, and give a Test Set a try if you haven’t already!

Social Media Growth

In Q1, our social media community grew by more than 10%. With nearly two million followers across all of our channels, we are continuing to ramp up our content production and refining our strategy to optimize performance and deliver the most value to swimmers around the world.

In March, we shared some amazing stories of swimmers reaching their goals and overcoming adversity.

Fares interviewed paraswimmer Abbas Karimi, who had some incredible insights to share.

If MySwimPro has helped you reach your goals, let us know! Drop a comment below or send an email to and we might feature you in upcoming content.

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